The Voice: Rita Ora snaps at Jess Mauboy: 'We can all sing!'

Things became heated on Monday night's episode of The Voice when Rita Ora snapped at fellow judge Jessica Mauboy for singing during her pitch to win over a contestant.

Rapper Isaiah Lugo-Hale blew the judges away with a performance of Macklemore's 'Can't Hold Us', leading Rita to block Guy Sebastian from even getting a chance at fighting for the young performer - leaving just Rita and Jess to fight for him.

Jessica Mauboy on The Voice
Rita Ora and viewers became annoyed at Jessica Mauboy on Monday night for constantly singing to contestants. Photo: Seven

Rita began her pitch, but Jess quickly interrupted by singing to him, which clearly annoyed the British singer, causing her to snap and say, "We can all sing, Jess!"

"What else you got? What else you got?" she added.


"Do you like it?" Jess asked Isaiah.

"We can all do that," Rita added once more.

It seems Rita isn't the only one who was unimpressed by Jess' constant singing with viewers slamming the singer on social media as well.

Rita Ora on The Voice
Rita Ora snapped, telling Jess, "We can all sing!" Photo: Seven

"I can’t wait for the Blinds to be over and hopefully Jess will stop singing to the contestants," one user wrote on Twitter.

"Jess, stop singing, this isn't a musical and you're not here to sing," another wrote.

"As much as I like her, I’m getting a bit sick of Jess singing during her pitches," someone else wrote.

However, others have defended the singer with one user writing, "Jess is a singer, singing on a singing show. She’s having fun while you lot are miserable."

The Voice Australia judges
In the end, Isaiah chose Rita. Photo: Seven

"Not here for all the Jess hate... y’all suck wtf she’s allowed to sing it’s a literal singing show?!" another added.

"Y’all getting mad at Jess for singing when you’re forgetting the title of the show is 'The Voice' let her sing it ain’t that deep smh," someone else wrote.

Isaiah chose Rita in the end with Keith Urban joking, "She went for the kill, across the board. She took you out," he said pointing at Guy and then pointed at Jess adding, "Took her out."

"She went for the kill!" Jess agreed with a laugh.

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