Guy Sebastian shares secret to The Voice’s massive ratings success

The current season of The Voice has been soaring in the ratings with each episode peaking at over one million viewers, a rarity in free-to-air TV nowadays.

After moving from Channel Nine to Channel Seven this year, the show managed to achieve its most-viewed premiere since 2016.

Guy Sebastian on The Voice.
Guy has revealed why The Voice has been so successful this year. Photo: Instagram/guysebastian

Coach Guy Sebastian now reveals to Yahoo Lifestyle the many reasons why he thinks season ten has been such a huge success.

It's the right tone for now, it's very positive,” he explains. “I mean, we've got guys who mow lawns, we’ve got beautiful blind opera singers and people who don't back themselves and people that you would never know have this amazing voice.

“I think that the show has gone back to its original DNA. It’s fun, it's reminding people that anyone can achieve something amazing.

“I think people are at home just wanting to have a moment where they feel good. All of us went into it saying the same thing: We don't want this to be bickering, we just want to do it for the right reasons.”


The Believer hitmaker also acknowledges that the timing of the season - airing right after the Olympics - had a great impact on the show’s ratings.

“I think having the Olympics was massive for Channel Seven too, they pumped the show,” he adds.

“If you were watching the Olympics, you absolutely saw a Voice ad. You could not escape that The Voice was on, so it was really well done by Seven.”

Jessica Mauboy, Keith Urban, Rita Ora and Guy Sebastian on The Voice.
Guy says that there has been a difference in the casting process this year. Photo: Channel Seven

Guy went on to say that he believes there was a major difference in the casting process for the show this year as well.

“We didn't really go down the path again of just sourcing industry people that have done it for a while,” he says. “Because I think a lot of those people, for whatever reason, haven't been able to translate what they do to the level that The Voice is trying to find.

“And I always actually say, The Voice isn't just about trying to find a superstar. We also give a platform to gigging musicians and people who do what they do, and expose them to so many other people to enhance what they do.”

He detailed that the show’s intention is to help people “realise the impact that they’re having with the gift that we have right now”.

“I hate people feeling like failures, I hate it because no one’s a failure. You've got purpose right where you are and so many people in my industry don't see it.”

Another important change that Guy pointed out was the dynamic between this year’s coaches: Rita Ora, Jessica Mauboy, Keith Urban and himself.

“We just genuinely really like each other and really respect each other and just couldn't wait to hang out. It was really nice, there was never one argument,” he says.

“Could you imagine right now if we released a show where there are four egotistical people, myself included, having ego trips and just canning each other? It would just be so tone-deaf for what everyone's going through right now.

“It's not what people need, it's not what the industry needs. We didn't want to make it about us, we wanted to make it about the artists.”

Keith Urban, Rita Ora, Jessica Mauboy and Guy Sebastian.
Guy admits that this season of The Voice has been “the most fun” with his fellow coaches Keith, Rita and Jess. Photo: Instagram/guysebastian

Guy is set to perform his latest single Believer - the seventh single from his massive 2020 album T.R.U.T.H. - in front of his fellow coaches on the show in the coming weeks, something that he describes as “nerve-wracking”.

“There's a lot of weight that you give to the coaches sitting there. We're all so supportive of each other and you want them to see you at your best as well,” he explains. “But it’s not just the coaches, you're sitting there as a coach to your artists.

“How am I going to go into a creative session with my artists and say, ‘You have to connect with a song, pitch is everything, you’ve got to pick your moments’, and then I go on stage and do none of that?

“How can I preach about that sort of stuff to my artists when I’m not doing it myself? There’s a fair bit more pressure on The Voice when you're performing.”

The Voice continues 7pm Sunday on Seven.

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