The Voice viewers not happy with ‘unfair’ new format: ‘Terrible TV’

Fans of The Voice have expressed their distaste for the show’s new format, which saw the usual ‘Battle’ round replaced with the much more brutal ‘Cut’.

While coaches had unlimited chair turns during the blind auditions, they were forced to reduce their teams to just five artists on Tuesday night.

The Voice's Rita Ora watching a contestant perform.
Fans were disappointed with the show’s new format, calling it ‘unfair’. Photos: Channel Seven

Keith Urban and Rita Ora had to make the toughest decisions as they started off with 14 singers in their team, followed by Jess Mauboy with 13 and Guy Sebastian who had 10.

Each coach decided to split their team into smaller groups of similar musicians to hold ‘call-back’ style performances before they made their final selection.

The next episode on Sunday night will see the five members from Team Keith fight it out against the five members from Team Guy in the ‘Knockouts’ to make it to the live shows.


Viewers took to Twitter during the episode to say that they weren’t fans of the show’s revamped round as they barely got to see the contestants perform.

“This format doesn’t allow for us to connect with the contestants. Couldn’t care less who wins when people are dumped after a 10 second sound bite,” one person wrote.

The Voice's Guy Sebastian watching a contestant perform.
Viewers said that they wished they were able to see more of the singers before they were cut. Photos: Channel Seven

“This whole cut experience was so sh***y, they got rid of so many people who we had all grown to love and we barely had time to see them go,” another said.

“The ‘cut’ was grossly unfair and terrible TV. So disappointing for viewers,” someone else remarked, with a different user adding, “Silly format, lost interest quickly”.

A fifth tweeted: “What a mess this episode of The Voice has been. The format has always been very inherently flawed - hence the abysmal track record of producing stars - but this shambolic 'cut' is neither entertaining nor does it give us any insight into the artists.”

The Voice's Jess Mauboy.
Many fans said that the show should bring back the Battles. Photo: Channel 7

Others said that they would prefer if the show brought back rounds from previous seasons, including the Battles.

“It was much better with the Battles, at least we got to see the contestants sing,” one user shared. “They deserve better than this Channel Seven!”

“This is so boring, I literally look forward to the Battles,” a second wrote, while another said, “The Battles were the best part!”.

“I don’t know if this is just nostalgia but why can’t we go back to the format of the first season?” someone asked. “No ‘showdowns’ or this annoying ‘cut’ stuff. Just 12 per team from the Blinds, cut it down to six each with the Battles, then do live shows. Content, not gimmicks!”

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