Transparent wedding gown leaves bride overexposed

A bride’s wedding dress has left the internet seriously divided this week, after it left her a little more exposed than she probably planned.

While the trends for wedding gowns seem to get less traditional with every year that passes, most agree that a basic requirement is that the bride’s entire body not be visible through the material.

Wedding dress transparent exposes bride's nipples
This wedding dress had onlookers divided over its suitably for a wedding day. Photo: Facebook

It seems one designer missed the memo however, decking this particular bride out in a floaty, romantic gown that featured pockets that were counterproductively, completely sheer.

Even worse, the bodice of the dress was also completely sheer, leaving very little of the bride actually covered for her big day.

Shared to a wedding shaming Facebook group, the dress attracted one big question from almost everyone gathered.

Onlookers say see-through gown ‘too much’ for a wedding

Wedding gown see-through divides fans
The very sheer look had onlookers divided. Photo: Facebook

“Am I seeing the bride’s nipples?!” an onlooker wondered.

The answer is, yes. Many quickly pointed out that a lack of any lining meant the gown was entirely see-through.

In other words, not only are the content of the bizarre pockets entirely exposed to onlookers, but so are the contents of the dress itself.

“Ok the pockets are sheer but so is the breast area,” one pointed out. “Full nipple [showing].”

“Now everyone at the wedding can see her phone AND her [nips]!” another pointed out.

One confessed she was worried what her gathered family would think of the ensemble.

“It is gorgeous, I’d be worried my fam would see my goodies though,” she admitted.

Another wrote the dress was ‘very sexy’ but seemed to be designed for the wedding night more than anything else.

“The sheerness is just too much,” one summarised the general reaction.


Fans of dress call it ‘stunning’

It wasn’t all clutched pearls and furrowed brows, however, some more daring wedding enthusiasts were big fans of the barely-there bridal fit calling it ‘magical’.

“The most beautiful dress I’ve ever seen,” one fan dubbed the gauzy number.

“I’m praising everything about this I’m not even sorry, this is my dream dress,” someone else wrote.

It’s not the first alternative wedding look to divide onlookers.

One woman opted to accessorise her simple sheer veil with a row of multi-coloured pom-poms attached to the end, and despite their connotations, people weren’t exactly cheering.

Shared to a Facebook group dedicated to critiquing, and often savaging people’s unusual nuptial choices, the veil was an instant flop.

“Just no,” the woman who shared the image wrote. “Pom-poms are not classy or elegant, and they do not belong on a veil.”

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