Coronavirus: Bride shares guest's 'ridiculous' mask demand

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A bride has shared the ‘ridiculous’ text message RSVP she received from a guest ahead of her small wedding amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

The woman, named Emma, took to Reddit to share a screenshot of text that was sent in response to the bride and groom had decided face masks were a requirement to attend the wedding.

face mask wedding
A wedding guest is refusing to attend if her family have to wear a mask. Photo: Getty

“Wait, what?” she wrote, clearly shocked by what was written.

In the message, the friend had said that the ‘mask mandate’ just “doesn’t work for our family”.

“[Husband] will refuse to wear one under any circumstance. Is it possible for us to attend the ceremony without a mask?

“If not, then we truly regrettably have to miss this very important day.”


In a later comment, Emma went on to explain the woman and her children, who she used to babysit for, were fine wearing a mask.

“It’s just her husband. She just asked if her and her daughter could still come and I’m torn,” she continued.

“Because that means he’s been going everywhere without a mask and the coming home to them. I love them, but safety first.”

She ended up writing back to say masks were mandatory for everyone, with only she, her father and husband not wearing one during the ceremony.

“Needless to say, they declined.”

coronavirus wedding backlash
'Doesn't work for our family'. Photo: Reddit

The message was understandably met with widespread criticism.

“Wow...this is something else. Imagine being this stubborn over a piece of cloth on your face to help protect other people that you will miss out on a wedding,” one person said.

“Honestly, under the circumstances consider this text as a blessing and give her family the out,” another person wrote.

“This is ridiculous. Do not feel bad for not having them there,” another agreed.

While a fourth suggested she write back: “Well your husband not wearing a mask doesn’t work for our family.”

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