Bonkers detail on bride's wedding veil roasted: 'That's tacky'

Weddings are places where no matter how fast the world is changing, tradition reigns supreme – from the white dress, to the first dance, to being ‘given away’, it can seem impossible to put your own mark on your big day.

Well, one bride has circumvented that dilemma successfully, standing out from the crowd with a truly unusual choice of wedding veil that has left onlookers divided.

pom-pom wedding veil roasted
The unusual pom-pom wedding veil has not been an instant winner online. Photo: Facebook

The woman opted to accessorise her simply sheer veil with a row of multi-coloured pom-poms attached to the end, and despite their connotations, people weren’t exactly cheering.

Shared to a Facebook group dedicated to critiquing, and often savaging people’s unusual nuptial choices, the veil was an instant flop.

“Just no,” the woman who shared the image wrote. “Pom-poms are not classy or elegant, and they do not belong on a veil.”

The photo snapped from behind prompted thousands of responses online, with most agreeing that a wedding is no the place for hardcore crafting.

Many wondered what the circumstances of the union where that called for such a ‘crafty’ look.

“When you marry a kindergarten teacher,” one onlooker joked.

“Is she marrying a clown????” an incredulous onlooker wrote.

“Was the wedding theme a... ball pit?” another passionate commentator wrote.

“Christ on a cracker, that's tacky,’ another wrote.


Some loved the unique veil, calling it 'sweet'. Photo: Estsy
Some loved the unique veil, calling it 'sweet'. Photo: Estsy

Some however could see the sweet side to the fluffy veil, calling it ‘fun’.

“I don’t care for it but maybe she’s a teacher and it was made by her students who couldn’t be there on her special day,” one suggested.

“I think it’s kinda fun,” another wrote.

“So I love it,” a third wrote. “It's whimsical.”

The veil itself is actually available on Etsy where it retails for a relatively reasonable $92.40, should you be a fan of the unique look.

It’s not the first time a very individual choice of wedding attire caused a stir online.

Berta lingerie wedding dress sparks controversy
The barely-there bridal number sparked a similar reaction from furious Facebook users. Photo: Berta

Last month, a wedding dress sparked a lot of conversation online after some users confused it with lingerie.

The dress appeared in the Facebook group ‘That's It, I'm Wedding Dress Shaming’ and featured a see-through skirt with a leotard-style top.

The poster wrote: "I finally found one!" adding that she hadn't blurred the woman's face because it was taken from an ad for the bridal store where the dress can be purchased from.

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