Bride's furious coronavirus wedding rant backfires

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There’s no denying it’s a tough time for brides-to-be, with the coronavirus pandemic throwing nuptials into disarray.

However, one bride’s rant about the woes surrounding her wedding has completely backfired, after people slammed her online, calling her out for complaining about her big day when thousands are still dying from COVID-19 every day around the world.

Close-up side view of a beautiful worried bride at the park
A bride's wedding rant has backfired online. Photo: Getty Images

The bride, called Nicole, took to Reddit to call wedding planning during the pandemic “easily one of the worst experiences of my life”.

“What was supposed to have been a time filled with parties and laughter dinner tastings and hugs, has instead been met with logistical nightmares and lack of caring from people I thought would give a s**t,” Nicole wrote.


She went on to say that she’s sick of being told to compromise and be flexible and that she “should be grateful she’s getting married at all”.

Addressing people who told her to ‘calm down’ and just have her wedding over Zoom, she said: ‘How dare you’.

“How dare you tell me that I should be grateful for the scraps I’m getting with what is supposed to be the happiest day of my life. How dare you tell me I need to make accommodations for others and what they want, rather than asking themselves for one second what does Nicole want?”

Bride's coronavirus wedding rant
The bride's rant was uploaded to Reddit, where people didn't take too kindly to it. Photo: Reddit

She did say that some unexpected people had stepped up in her life during the difficult time but others couldn't care less, with no calls or texts from people asking how she’s doing.

“I feel terrible all the time and God forbid I express this at all and people get so defensive snd say ‘life is hard for everyone, get over it’,” she continued.

Nicole said she’s trying to ‘make the best out of a horrible, awful situation’ and gave advice to anyone else who comes across a pandemic bride.

“Next time you fell like telling a COVID-19 bride to ‘suck it up’, ask yourself how you would feel if someone said that to you when you were planning your wedding,” she wrote.

Needless to say, the rant wasn’t received very well on Reddit, with people slamming her and ‘entitled’.

“God forbid other people are watching their dreams and plans go sideways and don’t have the emotional energy to text Nicole and ask her what she wants for her dream wedding,” one person wrote.

“This is why I hate little girls being raised to “dream of the perfect wedding”. So much pressure, so much time/effort/money getting put into what is actually just a big party that not a lot of guests will remember. In a global pandemic, your wedding isn’t the biggest casualty,” another said.

One person joked: “Truly no one else has suffered more this year than her”, while another said: “This individual sounds exhausting outside of Covid times”.

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