'Turkey breasts?': Bizarre detail on bodysuit wedding dress turns heads

The very revealing wedding dress trend is one that has been raising eyebrows for years now.

Between the plunging necklines, sky-high splits and completely sheer gowns on the market, less is definitely more for many brides these days, but there are still certain truly jaw-dropping creations that retain the power to shock onlookers with their daring designs.

The latest such gown had users absolutely bamboozled when it was shared online with its various unusual details shocked even the most liberal wedding enthusiast.

Bride in sheers bodysuit wedding dress
A very revealing wedding dress has people in uproar over one specific detail. Photo: Facebook

The dress in question, from an online fashion designer, is a completely sheer number, featuring a sparkling bodysuit underneath a gauzy transparent skirt with a waist-high split.

The long-sleeved high-neck bodice is completely sheer with only what looks like a stick-on bra keeping the bride’s modesty intact, and a backless design rounds off the dress’s intricately barely-there aesthetic.

Model wears bodysuit version of wedding dress with bra cup and underwear visible
The dress also transforms into a daring bodysuit for the forward-thinking bride. Photo: Etsy

Retailing for a relatively cheap $1,300 on, the gown actually transforms into a bodysuit when the skirt is removed, a versatile feature rarely seen in the world of bridal dresses, with one notable exception.

Sold by a Belarus company that ships to Australia for just $120, the dresses are reportedly hand made for each client and have sold around 300 pieces online.

From the five stars reviews on the site, it seems those in the market for a transparent bodysuit wedding dress will find exactly what they are looking for in the boutique dress.

Onlookers baffled by ‘turkey slice’ detail

Those not in that very specific market, however, were less than impressed with the gown, and it was one detail above all else that had people seriously baffled.

That was the odd and uncharacteristically large breast covers used under the bodice, which distracted from the gown’s otherwise sheer sophistication.

Close shot of see-through wedding dress bodysuit with bra cup covers
The sheer wedding dress distracted onlookers with it's bizarre stick-on bra detail. Photo: Facebook

Many couldn’t help but compare the pasties to various cold cuts.

“Gross,” one unimpressed observer wrote. “Such a beautiful woman, and then they do *that* with her boobs. Lunchmeat looking booby cups.”

“I’m not a fan of turkey slices on my boobies thanks,” another shared in the comments.

“There’s nothing more that I hate than visible egg-looking [breast] cups,” another complained.

Another thought the hotpants and the pasties were a lovely compliment to one another.

“The flashy grannie pantie really bring out the chicken cutlets,” they observed.

Another took issue with the term ’gown’ being bandied about.

“It looks like some bedazzled granny panties and an adhesive bra with a glitter shirt,” she argued.

It’s not the first slightly strange bridal attire to cause a stir among the notoriously hard-to-please wedding enthusiasts.

One bride learned the hard way after an unfortunate detail on her lacy gown left her a little more exposed than she thought, something online shamers were more than happy to point out.

Another’s very unique heels gave many pause for thought as the divided opinion cleanly down the middle with their unusual block heel and beaded detailing.

And it’s not just the bride’s who cop the criticism, a wedding guest had many seeing red, and not just because that was the colour of the very racy outfit she decided to wear to a friends wedding,

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