'Looks like two brides': Mother-in-law's wedding stunt slammed

When it comes to wedding etiquette, usually brides shouldn’t have to worry that a member of their own bridal party will do anything to upstage them on their big day.

However, it seems that wasn’t the case for one bride, with an image doing the rounds on Reddit appearing to show the groom’s mother showing up to his wedding in a white lace dress.

Close-up side view of a beautiful worried bride at the park
A bride has been left horrified after her mother-in-law showed up to her wedding in a white dress. Photo: Getty Images

To make matters worse, it even looks like the bride’s mother-in-law has accessorised with a lace shawl, which looks exactly like a veil.

“I have never understood the thought process behind this kind of decision,” one person commented.

“Yikes, this is bad. It looks like there are two brides here. Lacy, full length AND embellished, talk about attention seeking.,” another person said, with another adding:” Ummm. That’s not okay.”

However, others thought that maybe the picture has actually been taken up the wrong way and perhaps the two women inthe wedding dresses were actually getting married and the snap shows their best men.

Bridal party with mother-in-law wearing a wedding dress
The bride is on the left and the mother-in-law on the right. Photo: Reddit

Others said they felt bad for the bride because they actually prefer the mother-of-the-groom’s wite lace dress over hers.

“The elegance of the MOG dress makes the bride look like she has on a prom dress in comparison to me. Poor girl,” a commenter wrote.

Some even shared their own stories of their mother-in-law’s wedding mishap, with one saying the first picture her own future mother-in-law sent her as an option for her dress was a white dress.

“My eyes almost got stuck in the back of my head,” she wrote.


Another person said her friend ended up upset on her wedding day because her sisters-in-law, some of her husband’s cousins and her mother-in-law all wore a variety of white dresses to her big day.

“She had a second dress for the party that had yellow and green in it (it was really beautiful trust me) and she wore that and everybody was congratulating her and taking spontaneous photos because they liked her non conventional dress much more than the white one.”

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