SAS Australia’s Firass Dirani unleashes on Merrick Watts

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SAS Australia’s most controversial participant Firass Dirani has lashed out at co-star Merrick Watts as his explosive media commentary continues.

Firass has no doubt been one of the most talked about contestants on the reality show, and a resulting feud with former Biggest Loser trainer Shannan Ponton has become very public.

Merrick watts firass dirani sas
Firass has lashed out at co-star Merrick Watts. Photo: Channel Seven

Shannon and Merrick confronted Firass about his behaviour on the show, and since then Shannon has said Firass behaved like a “sociopath”. Firass hit back calling Shannon a “redneck” and claimed he put him “to shame” on the show.

But now the actor has taken aim at radio host Merrick Watts in an explosive interview with KIIS FM’s Kyle and Jackie O on Friday morning.

“Can we stop calling him funny, man?” Firass said when Merrick was brought up.

“He’s got this … I don’t know what kind of syndrome it is, it’s like no one else can be funny in the room.”

He went on to say that Merrick’s comedy was more “miss, miss, slid down, crash, burn”, but when even further when he brought the ongoing coronavirus pandemic into the mix.

“I would have coffee with him if I had COVID and I wasn’t wearing a mask and I didn’t want to laugh,” she said sarcastically.

Merrick Watts SAS
Merrick Watts confronted Firass on the SAS. Photo: Channel Seven

It comes after Firass told Yahoo Lifestyle earlier this week he didn’t care what people thought.

“I don’t care whatsoever about anybody’s perspective,” he said, adding the ‘haters’ don’t touch him.

“Only the dregs hate, the lowest hate, the lowest common denominator hates.”


The House Husbands star said he also thought his decision to challenge the SAS trainers on occasion gave the format some much-needed spice.

“Without my conflict, what was going to happen?” he wonders. “[The other contestants] were just going to comply for the entire series. What's the fun in that?”

firass dirani sas
Firass' behaviour on the show sparked some viewer backlash. Photo: Channel Seven

Merrick has since hit back at Firass, telling he wouldn’t stoop to name-calling.

“I haven’t bothered to go into name calling and pettiness,” he said.

“I rose above Firass’ level when I was on the course. I’m not going to bring myself down with petty insults and trying to criticise people’s careers.”

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