SAS Australia's Eden reveals truth behind 'villain' Firass Dirani

SAS Australia has found its villain in Aussie actor Firass Dirani, and if you thought the House Husbands star copped a bad edit, think again.

If anyone is an expert on the power of the after edit, it’s Eden Dally.

Eden Dally SAS Australia reveals Firass Dirani villain edit
Eden appeared on SAS Australia after a stint on Love Island season 1. Photo: Seven

A reality star who came up on the notoriously fickle Love Island, and shares a baby with Married at First Sight’s Cyrell Paul, Eden knows a thing or two about an unexpected series of events unfolding after shooting wraps and the editors get going.

Eden says when it comes to SAS Australia what you see is what you get, and that goes for Firass Dirani’s contentious behaviour on the show.

“Look I’ll tell you first hand some shows edit a lot of things in and out,” he tells Yahoo Lifestyle.

“[In SAS] what you see on the TV is actually what happened.”


Eden says the show, particularly compared to dating shows he has experienced, is almost entirely hands-off.

“There is a big difference between other reality shows and SAS,” he says. “You don’t have the producers around you you only have the DS [the SAS trainers]. You’ve got no one telling you to have a particular conversation, [or] telling you what to do. There are no retakes.”

SAS Australia Firass Dirani villain edit claims
Firass claimed the show painted him to be a villain. Photo: Seven

This flies in the face of claims by Firass, who after the show went to air last week accused Channel Seven of painting him out to be the ‘villain’.

“I knew it. I knew they were gonna make me into the villain,” the actor said in an Instagram story. “There has to be a villain, ladies and gentleman, and lo and behold, right here, this is it.”

Firass ‘rubbed people the wrong way’

Contestants SAS Australia look frustrated as Firass Dirani causes trouble
Firass' attitude got on fellow participants nerves Eden says. Photo: Seven

Eden, and others, beg to differ.

“I don’t think Firass is as bad as they’re saying but he did do all those things,” the new dad says. “[For example] when we were jumping out of the helicopter he said ‘that is a piece of p*ss’. That’s something the DS doesn’t want to hear. If its a ‘piece of p*ss’ then they’ll make it harder.”

“The things that are being shown, that is pretty much how he was.”

“He’s not the [worst] person but every time he did [talk back] we’d get in trouble,” he continued, admitting that the actor ‘copped it too’.

Nick Cummins Firass Dirani and Eden Dally appear on SAS Australia
Eden, pictured with Firass and Nick Cummins, says the actor's behaviour regularly got the group in trouble. Photo: Seven

“I will say he’s actually a tough little fella but there were times when he should have kept his mouth shut I’ll say that,” Eden says.

“He rubbed people the wrong way and what they’re showing is actually a true reflection of what happened.”

Firass cops heat from contestants and fans

Eden’s claims come on the back of a savage takedown of the actor from irate fans of the show and fellow contestants.

Former Biggest Loser trainer Shannan Ponton told that the actor never took responsibility for his behaviour that he called ‘infuriating’.

“It was as infuriating as it was confusing,” Shannon told the outlet. “At no stage did he ever assume responsibility for his actions. At no stage did he say sorry.”

Firass Dirani on SAS Australia looking mutinous
Biggest Loser trainer Shannan Ponton said Firass showed no remorse for his actions. Photo: Seven

“Some of the girls said to him, ‘Firass, all we want is an apology for what you did to us today,’ and it was never forthcoming. Even at the end, he never assumed responsibility for what he’d done. It was always some weird, inarticulate way to put together some story that didn’t make any sense.”

Viewers felt similarly, taking to Twitter to express their shock at Firass, who on Tuesday’s episode ended up in an altercation with a fed-up Merrick Watts, who begged him to stop talking back.

“Firass looked like a naughty child, back chatting to his dad,” a commenter wrote.

“Firass and his attitude may have eclipsed COVID as my least liked thing of 2020,” another said.

Back in camp, Merrick fired back at Firass, telling him: “We’re f***ing sick of this sh*t,” going on to call him out for being “disrespectful” to the staff.

Yahoo Lifestyle has contacted Firass Dirani for comment.

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