Robert Irwin's 'strong' relationship with Heath Ledger's daughter Matilda

Robert and Matilda have developed a close bond.

Robert Irwin has reportedly developed a close bond with his girlfriend Rorie Buckey's cousin, Matilda Ledger, daughter of the late Aussie icon Heath Ledger. Rorie is the 17-year-old daughter of Heath's sister Kate.

The 19-year-old son of Steve Irwin has apparently bonded with Matilda over the pair losing their fathers at such young ages, with both Robert and Matilda being just two years old when their dads passed.

Robert Irwin
Robert Irwin reportedly has a 'strong' relationship with Heath Ledger's daughter Matilda, with the pair bonding over the loss of their fathers. Photo: Instagram/Robert Irwin

Robert was in New York City last month when his sister Bindi underwent endometriosis surgery and met up with Matilda while there.


"While Matilda hasn't spent much time in Australia, her mum [Michelle Williams] has made sure she stays in touch with her Aussie family, including her cousins on that side," an insider reveals to Woman's Day. "While Robert was in New York, there was talk of him meeting up with Matilda in Brooklyn."

"It's hard to imagine a pair of Aussie kids who share a more similar story than Matilda and Robert. It really is a twist of fate that they ended up sharing such a strong link through Rorie," another source added. "Getting to know Matilda who's in a similar boat not remembering her dad because she was so young, would be so cathartic for him."

Heath Ledger, Michelle Williams and Matilda Ledger
Matilda Ledger (pictured here in 2013 with mum Michelle Williams) was only two when her dad Heath Ledger died. Photo: Getty
Steve Irwin, Robert Irwin and Bindi Irwin
Robert was also two when Steve Irwin died. Photo: Getty

One source also shared that they wouldn't be surprised if Robert began spending more time in the US, with some suggesting he may move to New York for a gap year and to continue his work with National Geographic.

Robert and Rorie were first spotted enjoying a date together in November, with the pair photographed cuddling by the beach. Neither have confirmed the relationship.

It comes after Robert revealed sister Bindi Irwin is eager for him to be in a relationship so it takes the focus off her and her love life.

“It's pretty funny because of course my sister has gotten married and had a kid and there's always a lot of rumours that go around,” he told E! News.

“‘Bindi's having a second kid’ or ‘they're having triplets.’ There's always so many crazy things that happen, so Bindi always says, ‘Robert, it's your turn now. You gotta find someone to take the heat off me!’”

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