Robert Irwin amazes fans with hidden talent: 'Extraordinary'

The Wildlife Warrior landed a tricky gymnastic move.

Robert Irwin has shocked fans with a hidden talent that not many fans were aware of. The Wildlife Warrior showed off his gymnastics skills on the beach, completing a seamless backflip in slow-motion.

The 19-year-old wore his signature Australia Zoo khakis in the viral clip that racked up over 575,000 views. He didn’t explain much about his act, opting to just put two smiling emojis and a peace emoji in the caption.

Robert Irwin smiling
Robert Irwin has been praised for an unexpected skill. Photo: Instagram/robertirwinphotography

After multiple fans said that Robert would soon be representing Australia for the Olympic Games, Olympic diver Sam Fricker couldn’t help but make a quip.

“Man’s coming for my job,” he wrote, with his comment being liked over 240 times.

Fans also flooded the comment section with praise for Robert’s athletic “talent”.


“I’m convinced, this man can do anything,” one person gushed.

“Enjoying life to the fullest and with full forces! The Aussies know how to do it!” another added

“The back flip was magnificent. Your skills are EXTRAORDINARY,” a third remarked.

“Robert, you are a man with many talents!” another chimed in.

Others pointed out how hard it is to complete a backflip on sand, saying it made his feat even more impressive.

“This is so hard to do and on sand no less. Bravo,” a fan pointed out.

“Nice tight tuck! Even on sand!” added another.

“On sand [of] all places…alrighty then!” commented a third.

Two photos of Robert on The Project
Robert was a surprise guest panellist on The Project last year. Photo: Ten

Robert's surprise The Project appearance

This comes after Robert impressed The Project viewers when he appeared on the show as a guest panellist.

Robert shared a deeply personal story about his family during his appearance after his fellow panellists began discussing a new treatment for Alzheimer’s, a devastating brain disorder that slowly destroys memories and skills and affects hundreds of thousands of Australians.

“I think there's no one living who hasn't encountered someone or has a loved one who has experienced this,” he said.


“My grandfather on my mum's side had a form of dementia and a lot of family friends have had that as well and it's devastating ... someone you love, someone you're close to going through that and not being able to relive and enjoy the moments they had, it's heartbreaking.

“I guess it just reminds you you've got to spend every second with the people you love and really surround yourself with love and light and hopefully this is light at the end of the tunnel for a safe way for people to stop this.”

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