Robert Irwin praised by fans after Celebrity Gogglebox appearance: ‘Beautiful’

Viewers have fallen in love with Robert Irwin after he appeared alongside his family on Celebrity Gogglebox Australia and shared his candid thoughts on some of the biggest shows on TV.

The 18-year-old garnered plenty of fans during Thursday night’s one-off episode when he showed off his dance moves watching Dancing With The Stars, labelled Married At First Sight a “train wreck”, and yelled “strewth” at the TV.

Robert Irwin on Celebrity Gogglebox Australia.
Robert Irwin received plenty of praise for his Celebrity Gogglebox appearance. Photo: Foxtel

During the episode, several viewers took to social media to praise the wildlife warrior and even express their desire to marry him.

“Robert Irwin, I am offering my hand in marriage,” one eager person wrote, while another added, “Robert please give me a chance”.

“He has turned into such a beautiful young man,” someone else remarked, followed by a fourth who commented, “Robert you are hilarious! Love your commentary!”.

“Why aren’t we seeing more of Robert Irwin on TV?” a different user questioned.


Sitting alongside Robert on the couch was his sister Bindi and their mother Terri, who shared a sweet moment with her children while watching SAS Australia.

“Don't walk when you can run, people,” Bindi joked about the recruits, to which Terri responded, “That’s what your dad used to say”.

One fan, who was particularly fond of the famous family, tweeted during the episode: “I would do absolutely anything for the Irwins, I swear to god.”

The Celebrity Gogglebox special also featured appearances from power couple Hamish Blake and Zoë Foster Blake, TV stars Julia Morris and Nazeem Hussain, and close friends Dylan Alcott and Andy Allen.

Viewers were extremely pleased with the celebrity line-up and took to social media following the episode to demand a full series.

“Loved the celebrities on Gogglebox... Can we have more of this?” someone wrote, with another adding, “Please we need a whole season of this version of Celebrity Gogglebox”.

Celebrity Gogglebox is the content I didn’t know I needed,” a different user shared, while one person said, “I’d watch every week if this was on regularly”.

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