Residents furious with The Block over 'intimidating' works: 'Death stares'

The latest season of The Block has started filming in Melbourne's Hampton East.

Just days after Channel Nine’s “intrusive” demand for the newest season of The Block was revealed, some neighbours in the area have said they’re concerned by the building work currently taking place. Melbourne's Charming Street residents were asked to keep their ‘modern cars’ out of sight during a 1950s-styled commercial on Saturday, but it seems that this rule doesn’t apply to certain people.

According to Daily Mail, a top Nine executive has been parking his $500,000 Porsche on the street “wherever he pleases”. To make matters worse, upset residents have claimed that tradies and The Block crew continue to park in ‘unsafe’ spots in the neighbourhood.

L: Scotty Cam on The Block. R: The Block 2023 in Melbourne
Some residents have complained about The Block's impact on the neighbourhood. Photo: Nine & Facebook/2023 Charming St 'The Block'

“The Channel Nine producers handling of it has been nothing short of a joke,” a resident told the publication.

Another neighbour said that while producers can’t force anybody to move cars off their private property, it hasn’t stopped them from trying.


“Just last Wednesday as I came home from work I was approached by three men demanding me to move my car from out the front of my house (my legal right),” they said.

“They literally give you death stares for parking on the street and can be quite intimidating.”

The Block ute and other vehicles parked outside a construction zone
One of The Block vehicles spotted in the neighbourhood. Photo: Facebook/2023 Charming St 'The Block'

Others alleged that Nine’s tradies and crew members have been parking in an ‘unsafe’ manner in neighbouring streets, including Oswald Thomas Ave and King Street.

In a text to producers, the occupant asked the team to stop parking in front of fire hydrants and for overstaying parking limits.

“Hi both. I am a resident [of] King Street. Can you please ask your audio team to stop parking here. Because of the placement of the traffic sign, and the size of the vehicle and tinting, it completely impairs visibility coming out of our driveway.

“Secondly, it’s illegal to park in front of a fire hydrant…and that side of our street is a two-hour parking zone which is being completely ignored.”

In the screenshot provided to the publication, a member of the production team seems to have replied saying that the issue will be “rectified”.

The Block's 2023 McCafe
Filming taking place at a McCafe onsite. Photo: Facebook/2023 Charming St 'The Block'

One resident dismisses concerns: ‘They look after us’

On the other hand, one resident, who is constantly sharing updates from The Block street on Facebook, is happy to work with producers when problems arise.

In comments, they stated that the network is trying to “look after the residents as much as possible”, with a publicist even dropping off coffee to thank them for their positive response in the media.

“Honestly, if we can go about our business and living without too much intrusion then that’s okay. There is a lot of building in the area occurring and if it wasn’t them, it would be someone else…it’s nice to be heard and have our concerns responded to,” they wrote.


Last week, the resident gave fans an insight into how the production team works with neighbouring houses. After being woken up at 6.45 am each morning by a roaring Ducati motorbike, the crew member was politely asked to be a “bit quieter”.

“He now comes in slowly with low idle. Thankfully it means we don’t get woken up now!” they explained.

The resident also shared that they had already been able to meet some of the cast, including host Scott Cam.

“We get the chance to talk to everyone eventually! They are working next door! Had a quick chat to Scott Cam the other day!” they commented.

Yahoo Lifestyle has reached out to Nine for comment.

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