The Block stars slammed for 'whinging' about $100K loss: 'Messed up'

Fans aren't happy with the couple's money comments.

The Block stars Tom and Sarah-Jane have been brutally sledged on social media after revealing they lost $100,000 by appearing on the reality show. The couple claimed that they lost $60,000 in lost wages and had to spend $40,000 from their savings on bills during the three-month filming period.

The pair ended up walking away with a measly $20,000 profit from the auction, and were forced to sell the $80,000 Ford Ranger they won to help cushion the financial blow. Fans have been engaging in heated debate on social media, with some accusing the pair of having a “messed up” grasp on reality, while others think that the reality format should be axed.

L: The Block star Sarah-Jane looks shocked. R: Tom and Sarah-Jane look upset
The Block stars Tom and Sarah-Jane have been criticised for their money comments. Photo: Nine

The other Block houses have now all sold for a decent profit, apart from Dylan and Jenny’s house which is still sitting on the market. Omar and Oz made $1.58 million in profit, Rachel and Ryan scored $169,000 and Ankur and Sharon walked away with $170,000.

According to Sarah-Jane, each contestant was given a daily stipend of $100 per person, but their allowance was quickly eaten up by their daughter Cleo's daycare.

“[After childcare], straight away we were left with $80 combined to cover all of our bills at home — our rates, mortgages, utilities, pay for food for ourselves the whole time, feed and clothe our daughter, just everything," she told fans on Instagram.

The majority of fans slammed Tom and Sarah-Jane for their money comments, with the couple being branded as ‘whingers’.


“Oh please, cry me a river. They were happy to give up 3 months that they'll never get back for a pocket full of cash. Haven't they seen previous episodes? Not everyone hits a jackpot. Many have come away with only a few thousand dollars, some with nothing,” one passionate fan lashed out.

“Are you telling me that they didn't rent their house out for those months that they were on the show. If they didn't they were stupid,” another commented.

The Block stars Tom and Sarah-Jane in an elevator
Sarah-Jane has been busy answering fan questions on Instagram. Photo: Instagram/tomandsarahjane

“If they had no regrets, how come they are always going on about how much money they lost. At least they won some money, Dylan and Jenny got nothing and do you hear them whinging,” a third pointed out.

“Nobody forced them to be on The Block. They applied and knew in the current market selling for a huge profit would be difficult. No sympathy,” another chimed in.


L: Screenshot of Sarah-Jane's Instagram story selfie in a car. R: Sarah-Jane and Tom's Ford Ranger on Sarah-Jane's Instagram story
The couple had to sell their Ford Ranger to help cushion the financial blow. Photo: Instagram/sarahjane91__

However, there were some people who supported the couple and believed they should have been rewarded for their work on the TV show.

“I know they all take a risk. But they should be paid to be on it. There should be a guaranteed amount of money they get paid. Because it’s not just a few weeks, it’s months,” a viewer wrote.

“Time these kinds of shows were canned,” another remarked.

“No one should have to lose on an entertainment show, made to make money with huge reserves,” a third pointed out.

“I think The Block has finally reached the end of the line!!” another said.

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