Rebel Wilson reveals biggest regret on movie set: 'I was pressured'

Actress Rebel Wilson has revealed her biggest regret while filming her 2017 movie Isn't it Romantic. The A-lister revealed things went awry after she slipped on a grass hill and lost consciousness.

Despite having a terrible headache and being taken to hospital, she went on the work the 16-hour day thinking she was OK. However, she went on to suffer nausea, neck and shoulder pain and intense headaches as she was suffering from a concussion.

Rebel Wilson on the set of Isn't It Romantic wearing a yellow long-sleeved shirt and sparkly black skirt.
Rebel Wilson on the set of Isn't It Romantic in 2017. Source: Getty

Speaking about the incident to Yahoo Entertainment as she partners with Concussion Awareness Now to encourage people to seek help if they hit their heads, Rebel said she should have prioritised her health.

"Your brain is so important and if you sprained your ankle, you're probably going to rest it or seek some medical help, so why wouldn't you when you've had an injury to your brain?" she said.

"The biggest regret I have is that I was kind of pressured to go back to work after I had a concussion.


She added she didn't realise how prevalent concussions were and how important it was to seek help.

"I was lucky," she admitted.

Rebel told Yahoo all she wanted to do was "lie down in a dark place" and said if she had her time over she would have rested instead of going back to work.

Rebel Wilson stands on a staircase wearing a long-sleeved silk hot pink dress.
Rebel Wilson says she worked a 16-hour day after suffering a concussion. Source: Instagram/@rebelwilson

"But at the time, I felt pressure ... you can't see a broken brain. And with my concussion, they couldn't see it. I looked normal, I looked like myself. So they're like pressuring me to go back to work," she said.

"I love my job and didn't wanna let anybody down, but from what I know is that I would've valued my own health more and rested."


The concussion partly inspired the star to undergo her 'year of health' in 2020 which led to the star losing a whopping 35kg. She told Yahoo she realised the importance of focusing on her physical and mental health.

"Your brain is a big part of that. and I've just learned to value my own health more from going through that process," she said.

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