People are obsessed with this 'genius' Kmart bread bin hack

It's the Kmart hack that impressed DIYers up and down the country, but a bread bin can become more than a side table.

Innovative and unique solutions for home storage take imagination and that's exactly what one mum used when she wanted an out-of-reach medicine cabinet.

"I had an old Kmart bread bin we no longer were using," Joelle wrote on a Facebook group.

After finding inspiration on TikTok, she "bought a second one, joined them together and we have a cheap yet stylish kitchen cabinet! I love it!"

And the post has almost 1000 likes!

A wall cabinet made out of two Kmart bread bins joined together sits on a palm-patterned wall, next to a round rattan shelf and plants in a kitchen scene including a bench with toaster, drink mixer and sink rack..
Joelle made a smart wall cabinet out of the Kmart bread bin. Photo: Supplied


"This is retro inspired, I totally love it," one group member wrote.

"Legit genius. This is a great idea in a corner, too. Maybe above a desk," another added.

"Oh my gosh … You are a lil genius. This is totally what this group is about. How innovative and fantastic. Well done," a third commented.

Joelle, a Gold Coast mum, saw the original hack and came up with the idea of a medicine cabinet that could be out of reach of young hands.

Two Kmart bread bins have been made into bedside tables by joining them on their bases, so the roller doors can still open. The set has been pained grey and raised on wooden legs and appears beside a bed with white linen.
The original hack from TikTok turned the bread bins into bedside tables. Photo: TikTok

"I was inspired by this lady on TikTok; I saw her video and my brain started ticking away and I knew exactly how and where I wanted to put it," Joelle told us.

"I had an unused bread bin that was too pretty to get rid of.

"I knew there had to be a way to use it somehow, and then this was it!

"Unlike the other hack, which used glue and lots of attachments, I kept it super simple and attached them together only using four nuts and bolts."

The resulting cabinet in the kitchen is used to store medicines and batteries, away from inquisitive little fingers.

An image showing the medicine cabinet with its roller doors slid open, showing medications. It is mounted to the wall and has a plant sitting above it.
These two Kmart bread bins are now a medicine cabinet. Photo: Supplied

Joelle, a mum of seven, including a stillborn daughter, turned to DIY and home renovations to keep busy.

"I keep my mind occupied on creative home organisation to keep from drowning in my grief," she told us.

"It really does make my heart happy."

The Kmart $19 bamboo bread bin is shown on a plain background on the online store, next to its pricing details.
Following the hacks, the Kmart bread bin is now out of stock! Photo: Kmart

It seems many others want to see what they can create with the $19 bread bin, but it has now sold out online!

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