Mum's ingenious Kmart hack to store her glasses: 'Wow'

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Unable to keep her eye glasses tidy at home, one mum came up with the brilliant idea of using a wooden serving board from Kmart!

Since Marie Kondo introduced her KonMari method to the world in early 2019, home organising and decluttering has become an art.

Multiple influencers show you how and pantry organising is almost a competitive sport!

When NSW mum-of-two Maree couldn't find an easy-to-reach way to store her glasses, she made one herself.

A Kmart wooden chopping after it's been transformed into a storage solution for glasses.
The Kmart board transformed into glasses storage. The finished product not only looks great but also makes it easy to choose a pair of glasses. Photo: Supplied

"Acacia serving board for the win!," she shared on the Kmart Hacks & Decor Facebook page.

"I searched online for a glasses rack to purchase, but there was no such thing, so hubby knocked this up for my birthday."

She used "50mm matte black double robe hooks from Bunnings to complete the project".

Maree admitted it wasn't "a cheap project in the end, but I just love it".

"No more glasses in the bedroom, bathroom, kitchen drawers and I can select the pair to match my clothes after doing my makeup," she added.


Fans of the page loved the idea, liking the post almost 800 times and making 200 comments!

"What an awesome hack! Well done, I love it," one group member said.

"Wow!! You should list it on Etsy and see if you get any custom orders," another wrote.

"That looks awesome. I’ll have to get my hubby to make something similar as he is constantly losing his sunnies," a third fan added.

It also prompted some to look at their glasses and consider buying additional pairs.

Three photos of man transforming chopping board into storage for glasses, by spacing metal hooks and using a drill to pre-drill holes, then mounting it on a bathroom tiled wall..
Maree's husband Steve put together the glasses holder as a gift for her birthday. Photo: Supplied

"I wear glasses and never thought of having multiple pairs. Great idea to change your look and coordinate with your clothes," one remarked.

Maree had wanted storage for her glasses for her birthday, but couldn't find anything she liked.

"We downsized our house a few years ago and found less space tricky, so I’ve been attempting to better organise," Maree told Yahoo Lifestyle.

After watching new episodes of The Home Edit on Netflix and knowing how handy her husband Steve was, the two of them came up with a plan.

"We had a play around with the best design ideas and used my existing glasses to space them, before adding it to the bathroom wall," Maree said.

"My eyesight hasn’t changed in years and my health fund has been generous, so my glasses quickly accumulated."

Simple solution

"It’s been a wonderful way to keep them off benches and clogging drawers," Maree said.

"My husband does have a construction background, but the project was quite simple.

"We just needed to ensure the board was pre-drilled to avoid it splitting or screws breaking.

"The glasses can sit on the hooks or be held by the arms if scratching is a concern," she said.

"Using the Kmart serving board meant there were no 'cut' edges, so they had a nice finish and didn’t require any sanding, so that also sped the project up!"

This might just be the beginning for the pet photographer and her hubby, as she says they are both keen home and caravan renovators "when time permits".

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