Kmart shoppers lose it over revival of '80s fashion staple: 'OMG the nightmares'

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If you were a child of the 80s or 90s, you would remember stirrups: the legging-like pants with an elastic loop at the bottom for your feet to slip through.

Well, they’re back in stores and causing major controversy amongst shoppers online.

A model is shown at left from the torso down wearing a black pair of Kmart stirrup pants, white joggers and a white shirt. At right, a scene from a store showing a rack holding several pairs of the pants for $17.
The 1980s fashion item is making a comeback, but would you wear them? Photo: Facebook/Kmart


The $17 Kmart pants have sent fans into an absolute spin, with Kmart shoppers divided over whether the 80s fashion trend really needs to be revived.

“What in the actual 1980s Kmart?” one person wrote on a Kmart fan Facebook page, sharing a picture of a fashion item in the store.

“Stirrups are back ladies and gents.”

The post stirred up a huge reaction from fellow Kmart fans, with 7000 people reacting to the post, sharing their thoughts on whether stirrups should be the new go-to winter pant.

'No thanks'

While some had never had the experience of wearing stirrup-style pants, others said they’d rather forget the fashion "nightmare".

“No way, not bringing these back into my wardrobe, loved my 80s pairs, but not for me now,” one person commented.

“What happens when you bend at your waist and they’re strapped under your foot, and perhaps the size isn’t quite right?” another asked.

“OMG, the nightmares of these pants!”

“The most annoying frigging pants ever,” added another.

Kmart stirrup pants seen at left on a model and at right on a store rack, with a child stretching out the leg by the stirrup.
"WTF are these mum?" One woman shared her daughter had no idea what the 80s pants were all about. Photo: Kmart/Facebook

‘They’re not that bad’

While many thought they should be kept in the past, others couldn't wait to "stock up".

“I love these pants, I had a pair of them, I might have to get a pair again,” one excited shopper wrote.

“I love these pants, looked for them for years and couldn’t get my hands on a couple of pairs,” said another.

“I loved these pants, so comfortable, will be stocking up on these,” added a third.

“WTF are these, mum?”

The flashback fashion item was also causing some confusion between millennials and their mums, with one woman saying her daughter was perplexed by the strange stirrup addition to regular legging.

Others agreed, asking what exactly the stirrups were there for in the first place.

One person said they’re meant to be worn with boots.

a model is shown from the calf down wearing black kmart stirrup pants and white shoes. At right, the sizing label from the Kmart offering.
The winter must-have comes in sizes 6 to 20 and, at $17, are the cheapest on the market. Photo: Kmart

“They are tights, I used to have a pair,” one person explained, adding that the stirrups “stops them riding up at the ankles when you wear boots”.

It looks like the fashion comeback isn't just available at Kmart either, with shoppers saying they’ve spotted them at H&M, Cotton On, and The Iconic.

So, if you're actually keen to get your hands on a pair, here's where you can grab them:

Ponte Stirrup Legging, The Iconic - $99.95

A model wears black stirrup pants with a burgundy shirt and knee-length burgundy coat. At right, a close up of the pants from the knee down, worth with black high heels.
Ponte Stirrup leggings are available at The Iconic. Photo: The Iconic

Stirrup Ponte Legging, Cotton On - $29.99

a model wears black Stirrup pants with black top and white overshirt, at left, and at right she wears the same outfit in rusty brown.
Cotton On has also cottoned onto the stirrup legging trend. Photo: Cotton On

Crease Front Stirrup Leggings, H&M - $29.99

H&M also has a version of the stirrup leggings, this time with a stitched seam creating a crease front, also a style popular in the past.

Stirrup pants shown at left lying flat on a grey background and at a close up at right of the stirrups.
H&M has a version of crease-front stirrup leggings. Photo: H&M

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