OnlyFans star on the secrets married men keep from their wives

A camgirl has revealed the surprising reason men are hiding things from their partners.

Nova Hawthorne
OnlyFans star and camgirl Nova Hawthorne. Photo: Supplied

An OnlyFans star and Australia's number one camgirl Nova Hawthorne has lifted the lid on why so many men enjoy coming back to see her livestream and it's not just for the X-rated reasons you'd think.

The Aussie content creator has said working as a camgirl has given her a chance to create deeper connections with her viewers, which has encouraged an ongoing client base of loyal followers.

“Being a camgirl is so much more than a form of online sexual entertainment,” Nova says. “I’m a safe-haven, I’m a therapist, I’m a practice girlfriend, I’m a momentary escape from reality, I’m a sexual educator.”

Nova has now revealed some secrets married or coupled-up men are keeping from their partners and why they choose to go down the camgirl route, and it has a lot to do with what Nova says is shame or stigma attached to sex and sexuality.


“Through webcam work, I get the sense that lots of men feel shame around sex and sexuality,” Nova explained. “I sense they often don’t feel they have anyone they can turn to, and don’t have the resources to find what it is they are looking for… I think the real secret why they come back is because members have connected with me on a personal level. They have found something in me where they can speak freely, share without judgment, be provided with sympathetic advice, and have unwavering support.”

Nova also shared her clients have a whole variety of kinks and fantasies, some of which their partners/wives have no idea about, saying that a lot of her married clients feel too ashamed to approach their partners with their desires and keep this side of themselves hidden out of a fear of rejection.

One regular Nova sees who calls when his wife is away, has a love for nylon and pantyhose, which he enjoys also wearing, before hiding them away before his wife gets home again.

“He doesn’t just love it when I wear them, he also likes to put them on,” Nova said. “When we finish our calls he puts all of his secret pantyhose and toys away in a box and hides it in the ceiling cavity where his wife won’t find it! I’m glad he can share that part of himself with me, but I feel a twinge of sadness that so many people don’t feel safe to talk with their partners about what is such a major part of their sexuality.”

Nova has shared that some men are ashamed to admit their kinks to their wives. Photo:
Nova has shared that some men are ashamed to admit their kinks to their wives. Photo:


Nova, who also has a background in social work, credits her work to helping her understand people and approach difficult conversations with them.

“Social work has also taught me how to have difficult conversations with people,” said Nova. “How do I tell the guy who wanks off to his coworkers on the phone that it’s extremely inappropriate? Or even the neonatal care specialist at work that he shouldn’t be racking up lines of cocaine in his call room while on shift for obvious reasons? A lot of the time if I see something I have to say something, and there’s so many things that I see that I simply can’t accept and feel it’s my space to say something. For me, it’s about having those challenging conversations without pushing the person away.”

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