Surprising way Aussie creator managed to pay off debt: '$25k in a week'

The well-known live-streamer has managed to buy a block of land, an apartment, and pay off debt all in three years.

With the cost of living reaching exorbitant levels, some Aussies have turned to unconventional and creative online ways to make money and are reaping the benefits.

With influencers and OnlyFans creators raking in good money, an Aussie creator has spilled on how she's now earned enough to buy an apartment, a block of land, and pay off all her student loans... all in the space of three years.

Nova Hawthorne is a well-known live streamer, OnlyFans creator and industry advocate and in 2023, she was voted Australia’s best porn newcomer.

She's now working as a full-time camgirl, earning $299 per hour.

Camgirl Nova Hawthorne
Nova Hawthorne has managed to pay off her student debt by streaming 'spicy' content. Photo:

In a TikTok Nova shared how much money she makes, showing her platform stats that saw her earn almost $160,000 on one platform alone this year. In the last 90 days alone, she's earned upwards of $50,000.

"This is after three years of streaming," Nova shared.


She also explained that the US conversion rate is currently working in her favour.

“I was very excited when I was making a hundred US dollars an hour and now I’m almost at $200. And that currency conversion really works in my favour."

'No debt'

Nova was doing her master's degree in social work when she decided to pick up live streaming and in three years has managed to get herself ahead and pay off her debt.

“I’ve been able to buy an apartment, a block of land and paid off all my student loans… all with no debt,” she said.

She says the biggest lesson as a creator is engaging authentically with the audience and nourishing member relationships.

“I’m no Victoria’s Secret model… It’s not about what your body looks like. It’s all about the relationships you’re making with your members.

“I take notes on every single person I interact with on the site so I can remember things and people really appreciate that personal touch," she shared.


And when it comes to people being critical about how she's made her fortune, she had this to say:

“I think the most important thing is that I’m investing in my future so I’ve got money when I’m done and don’t want to do this anymore.”

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