Surprising new direction for MAFS revealed ahead of 2024 season

MAFS bosses want less 'screeching', and more relationship potential.

With Season 11 of Married at First Sight due to hit TV screens early next year, there have been some surprising revelations about the direction the show is heading in.

While MAFS is known for its explosive dinner party fights and relationship drama, Channel Nine's head of content Adrian Swift has revealed the focus of the show is shifting in a surprising direction.

"We have tried to move away from the screechy and the shouting," he told the Herald Sun.

"We still give it all the drama that it needs, but we've tried to absolutely make sure all the relationships we see genuine potential in.

"This year what we have tried to do really carefully, exhaustively, is go, 'is this right?'"

Bronte Schofield and Harrison Boon at a MAFS dinner party
Channel Nine has revealed that MAFS 2024 is moving away from "screechy shouting". Photo: Nine

But if you love the show for all the drama, don't fear — there'll still be plenty of that, according to Swift.

“There will still be those moments when [brides and grooms] take one look [at each other] and it all goes south, but we are hoping that there is a lot of love in this season," he said.


Fewer influencers set for MAFS 2024

Earlier this year, Yahoo Lifestyle revealed that the show was actively moving in a new direction for the 2024 season, looking to cast less controversial participants and focus on more genuine love stories.

“Producers want a more diverse cast that will cover a wider range of social issues, sexualities and genders than previous seasons,” an insider said.

“Last season there were a lot of complaints from fans that storylines felt recycled from other seasons, so this time they'll be freshening it up.”

Tahnee and Ollie kiss at MAFS final vows
MAFS 2024 is set to star more "genuine" love stories. Photo: Nine

What we know about the MAFS 2024 cast

Already there have been a handful of names leaked, as well as photos of the new cast attending dinner parties.


Jayden Eynaud — brother of 2022 groom Mitch Eynaud – is set to star on the show, as well as Gold Coast influencer Cassandra Allen, Perth-based PR consultant Lauren Dunn, personal trainer Jason Dunkley, Melbourne real estate agent Tim Smith, and motivational speaker Richard Sauerman who also happens to be MAFS' oldest ever groom.

It has also been reported that the show will feature the first same-sex male wedding since marriage equality laws were passed six years ago.

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