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Perfect eyebrows and lashes: The 'absolutely amazing' no-makeup solution

Discover the trick to beautiful brows and luscious lashes.

Eyebrows are big news in beauty. From plucking, to waxing, to filling them in, the average woman spends around $400 a year on grooming her brows. If yours need constant shaping or colouring, microblading by Emily K might be the solution for you.

A cosmetic tattoo procedure that uses tiny strokes of featherlight ink to resemble hairs, the treatment can last up to 18 months, so you don't need to apply makeup on your brows day to day. It's ideal for people with sparse, light or thin eyebrows.

Eyebrow fanatics in Melbourne can't get enough of the procedure, calling the results by brow and lash architect Emily K "amazing" and "total perfection".

Woman with thin eyebrows and after cosmetic eyebrow tattooing
Emily K totally transforms eyebrows with her microblading technique. Photo: Supplied

Emily K has trained internationally, allowing her to hone her technique and create her own unique style of cosmetic tattooing. She draws each line of the eyebrow to mimic the natural pattern of real brows so they look totally natural.


Happy customers can't believe the difference it makes to their face. "Wow, what a difference," wrote one in an online review. "Such amazing work," said another.

Lash lift before and after photos
Emily K's lash lifts are legendary. Photo: Supplied

Emily K's expertise also extends to lashes. Her lash lifts and tints give a natural curl by using a plant and sugar-based solution. Ideal for those with sensitive eyes, it's paraben free and gives a natural look that lifts lashes and opens eyes.

The tint means no mascara is needed for 12 weeks, making the treatment perfect before a holiday, or just when you simply want to give yourself a little extra time in the morning. "What a difference," raved one delighted customer. "Absolutely amazing," agreed another.

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