Mum's incredible results from carpet cleaning hack: 'No way'

Carpet stains are among the most difficult to remove, but now, one mum of six has shared her incredibly effective, fuss-free cleaning hack.

Sharing in the popular Facebook group, Mums Who Clean, she revealed she simply used a combo of Nifti cleaning spray and her iron to lift stubborn stains.

“I preach this every time someone asks,” she began her post, alongside pictures of her lifting stains from red slime out of her carpet.

Carpet cleaning hack
The handy cleaning hack was as simple as spraying on some Nifti, covering with a towel and ironing the stain right out. Photo: Facebook.


How the magic happens

“I love using a white towel, cause you can see it working its magic," the clever cleaner said.

"I also leave Nifti to sit for five or so minutes before I iron.”

She avoids leaving the iron on too long or breathing in any fumes.

Her method certainly caught the attention of fellow cleaning fanatics, who wanted a detailed rundown.

“I spray with Nifti, let sit for five or so minutes, place towel on stain and iron towel with hot iron.

"I don’t leave it on too long, but I let it sizzle a little.

“I never leave it on long enough for carpet or anything to dry.

"It may take a few goes but definitely works!

“Being a mum of six kids, I had tried everything until I remembered that Nifti once got beetroot juice off my bench.

"Why can’t it work on floors? So I tried it and it worked.”

A white towel shown on a brown carpet, with a blue iron in place to remove a stain.
The mum-of-six warned not to leave the iron on the stain for too long, just enough to lift it off. Photo: Facebook.

'What is this magic potion?'

The unbelievable results left others stunned and wondering whether the method would work on other stains like nail polish, cordial and lipstick.

Most said they couldn't wait to give it a try, especially those who had never even heard of Nifti.

“NO WAY!!! Where can you purchase Nifti? Don't recall seeing it,” one person asked.

“What is this sorcery?!” added another.

“Where do you buy this 'magical potion'?” said a third.

The all-purpose cleaner can be picked up from Coles or Woolworths and will set you back $5 for a bottle.

The brown carpet is shown without the red slime stain at left; at right the bottle of NifTi cleaning product is shown on the carpet near a blue iron.
The handy hack removed red slime stains on her carpet, leaving it looking like new. Photo: Facebook.

‘It’s the best’

While others hadn't heard of the "miracle cleaning spray", fellow cleaning fanatics said they’d been using Nifti all-purpose cleaning spray for years, and agreed it was indeed a great cleaner.

“I’ve been using Nifti for a very long time, way over 10 plus years and, in my opinion, it is the best on the market,” one person wrote.

“Gotta say Nifti is pretty awesome,” added another.

“Nifti is the only spray worth buying in my opinion,” commented a third.

“I swear by Nifti for everything cleaning-related, it’s definitely the best product to have on hand,” confirmed another.

Well, move over DiSan - it looks like Nifti is taking the lead on stain-removing sprays.

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