The $4 Kmart cleaning tool professionals swear by: 'I need one'

A professional cleaner has revealed how to get sparkly clean showers using a $4 Kmart dish scrubber.

Sharing her nifty cleaning trick with her almost 500,000 followers on TikTok, Kacie Stephens, from The Big Cleaning Co, said there was no need to “get fancy”.

Instead, the Melbourne-based cleaner says using expensive equipment or harsh chemicals is a waste of time.

At left, a hand holds a Kmart scrubbing brush while its being filled with dishwashing liquid and, at right, another brush against a white background.
The easy-to-use brush makes for some very simple cleaning. Photo: TikTok/Kmart.

Her go-to products are the $4, 2-in-1 Anko branded Dish Brush from Kmart for the scrubbing, teamed with one simple cleaning product.

"Fill it with dishwashing liquid," she said.

"[There’s] no need to get fancy and add anything else."


Kacie's technique

She uses the scourer to clean the grout before switching to the sponge to clean the glass.

She also advised that keeping the scrubber in the shower helps to keep cleaning fuss-free.

Her handy video was so impressive, it racked up more than 351,000 views, with hundreds of cleaning fanatics loving her simple idea.

"Omg I need one," one said.

"Great idea," added another.

"I WANT THIS," commented a third.

Meanwhile, others said they’d already caught on to the shower trick, saying they’d been “doing it for years”, and agreeing dishwashing liquid absolutely worked.

Kmart scrubbing brush pictured at left and right being used in a shower cubicle on tiles.
The Kmart scrubbing brush is so popular it is currently sold out online. Photo: TikTok.

“Isn't it the best? I use it too,” one commented.

“The dishwashing liquid is made for grease and oils," said another.

"It cleans your bathroom amazingly and the floors.

"I will never go back to normal bathroom cleaner."

Does it really work?

While some loved the idea, others questioned whether it was enough for a deep clean.

One person asked whether adding vinegar would give it an extra cleaning boost.

However, Kacie advised against it, saying that dishwashing liquid would do the job just fine.

She said the 2-in-1 brush had a button to release the detergent, which could be watered down if needed.

Two views of the Kmart scrubbing brush being used to clean shower tiles.
The double-sided scrubbing brush offers the perfect cleaning combo for grout and glass. Photo: TikTok.

More top shower cleaning tips

In a separate shower cleaning video, Kacie added her tips for keeping soap scum to a minimum.

“Using a squeegee after you shower will help to keep your shower clean,” she suggested.

“So does using liquid soap, instead of bar soap.

“It’s water-based, not oil-based, so doesn’t stick to every surface.

"Water washes it off easily.”

She added another handy shower cleaning tool was a microfibre cloth to dry everything off.

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