Shoppers are switching to Aldi’s Di San stain remover: 'So much better!'

It’s no secret shoppers love Aldi’s Di San spray, but it looks like there’s just as much love for the powder version of the stain remover.

German retailer Aldi is known for offering budget alternatives to everyday items, but for some, the big question is: do they actually perform better?

hands of a young girl put clothes in the washing machine drum using aldi items
Aldi shoppers love their cleaning products. Photo: Getty

One shopper took to social media to ask if shoppers preferred the Aldi alternative to NapiSan Vanish Oxi Advance.

“Has anybody compared these two? The smaller one is from Aldi for $3.99 I think it was ... and the larger one is from Coles for around $20,” she asked.

“They are quite different in price so I was curious if anybody has done a comparison.”


Two tubs of stain remover, Aldi Di San on the left and NapiSan on the right.
Aldi's Di San versus NapiSan. Customers have weighed in on which is the better option. Photo: Facebook

Reviewers in a lather

Dozens of responders revealed why they preferred the cult-buy product over more expensive stain removers, and the biggest difference wasn’t just price.

“Di San is SO much better!! I go to Aldi only for this and the laundry detergent," one shared.

"It works in stains, even over multiple washes on things like paint and grime, but doesn’t wreck the fabric.

"I just add a cap of Di San to extra dirty or smelly clothes, like day-care clothes, and it keeps them fresh and tidy!”

“I prefer Di San myself and I have always been a NapiSan girl," another said.

"I've never bought NapiSan since."

Some even declared the budget Aldi stain remover worked better than more expensive brands, removing tougher stains and smells from clothing.

Five colourful bottles from the Aldi Di San range pictured with a wicker laundry basket, towel and pegs in a white tiled room.
Aldi shoppers rate the Di San range of stain remover products very highly compared to more expensive brands. Photo: Aldi

Not everyone agrees

However, some said NapiSan outperformed the Aldi alternative.

“I wear white shirts for work. (I) have always used vanish, then decided to try Di San a few years ago," one explained.

"It works but not as good as Vanish, especially with taking off makeup and sweat stains around collar and cuffs. I only buy Vanish when it’s on special."

“I’m a Vanish fan," another said.

"Over the years, I’ve tried every single different spray/powder and still come back to Vanish; I simply stock up when it’s on offer."

“Di San works but, unfortunately, not like Vanish," a third said.

While others pointed out that you can find it cheaper elsewhere, for example, on Amazon Australia.

Another reviewer agreed and saying they had scored a “three-kilo bucket for 21.99”.

A woman with red nails in a white strappy dress holds up clean white linen from a wicker basket.
Opinion was divided, but most preferred Aldi's Di San to NapiSan. Photo: Getty Images.

What the experts say

A 2020 review of the top stain removers by CHOICE saw both of these products in the top seven of 32 products tested.

But the Aldi version came out on top, by a very close margin.

CHOICE rated Aldi Di San Oxy Laundry Soaker and In Wash Booster 67 per cent effective, while the Vanish Pro NapiSan Oxi Action Colour Safe came in at 66 percent.

The top-performing stain remover overall was another Aldi favourite, the Di San Oxy Action with Enzymes Pre Wash Stain Remover with Eucalyptus Oil - which had a rating of 75 percent.

So how do you choose between the two? Some savvy shoppers suggested always checking the ingredients to see which had the highest amount of active ingredients.

“Look at the sodium percarbonate (active ingredient) per cent. That will tell you,” one suggested.

“Pretty sure for these two it's 25 per cent, exactly the same. All brands of NapiSan are extremely similar.”

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