Mum savaged over $6 Kmart hack: 'Concerned'

A woman who was excited to share her Kmart fridge hack has been slammed by fellow shoppers for making a crucial mistake.

The mum proudly explained how she lays tea towels in her fridge to save cleaning time: “This is my go-to $6 fridge hack. I bought these tea towels from Kmart to add on top of the glass shelves.”

Photo of the mum's hack, her fridge with Kmart tea towels lining the shelves, stacks of raw meat on the top, eggs on middle shelf and liquids on the bottom such as orange juice, milk and water.
The mum showed off her Kmart 'hack', lining her fridge shelves with tea towels. Photo: Facebook

She said the tea towels provide extra grip, personalise the fridge and keeps the shelves clean.

Unfortunately for her, many people were quick to point out what she had done wrong.

Multiple plastic packages containing fresh meat were on the top shelf, and more than 200 people piled on to let her know this was unhygienic.

Should any of the meat packages leak, there is a possibility that the rest of the food in the fridge can be contaminated with blood and bacteria.


“Doesn’t matter if the shelf is glass, plastic, or even wooden. Bacteria can easily seep/leak down and contaminate other food items,” one person warned.

"I would be concerned – these tea towels, especially with moisture added, would be the perfect breeding ground for these nasties," a second remarked.

“Is it normal to not put meat on the bottom shelf? I’ve always done that in case it leaks blood everywhere,” a third asked.

Photo of the inside of a fridge door, with tea towels lining the shelves.
The shopper did not expect the backlash she received. Photo: Facebook

Some shoppers still praised the mum, with one writing: “I think it looks so lovely and would certainly save on shelf cleaning.”

Other members were annoyed at the amount of people slamming the mum about the raw meat, when the actual hack was brilliant.

“I’m over all the commenters making judgements in Facebook groups thinking they should ‘educate’ people,” one wrote.

“Seriously ladies, it’s about the beautiful tea towels she is using. All these Gordon Ramsays lecturing her on where her meat and eggs should go is bloody ridiculous” another remarked.

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