This TikTok cleaning hack will make your pans sparkle: 'Looks new'

When it comes to simple cleaning hacks, it doesn’t get much easier than this.

A woman has shared her fuss-free way of cleaning the bottom of her fry pans after seeing the method on TikTok.

And the best part? It takes just two natural household ingredients to get foolproof results.

Sharing the results on social media, the woman said she was completely amazed that it had worked so well.

“I saw this on TikTok and wanted to try it,” she began, before going on to say the hack involved using salt and lemon to clean the bottom of fry pans.

Cleaning hack
Before: The stained dishes before using the cleaning hack. Source: Facebook

“To my amazement, it worked! So happy I found this,” she added.

Although it sounded too simple to actually work, the proof was in her pictures, which showed the whole process, including sparkling pot bases at the end.


There's a trick to it

The woman revealed there was a secret to the technique though, recommending that those who want to give it a try opt for rock salt over normal table salt.

But other than that, she said you simply “chuck on rock salt, get your lemon, and rub it” - that’s it!

Needless to say, others were keen to give it a go too.

“Amazing!!! Will be giving this a go!” One person said while another added, “Wow, it looks like a brand new pan, I will definitely be trying this one for sure.”

Cleaning hack
Using two household ingredients, the stubborn stains started to lift off the pan base. Source: Facebook.

Meanwhile, others said they use the hack on all sorts of cooking accessories too.

“We used to do this camping to clean pans when we were low on water... it works!” one person wrote.

“That's how we clean wooden chopping boards,” added another.

“I do that on my BBQ plate... first I lightly heat the bbq, sprinkle plenty of coarse salt, then using a wad of kitchen paper, I start scrubbing,” added a third.

“I then scrape up the dirty salt, wipe BBQ with a damp cloth, repeat if necessary, or sprinkle salt lightly, and with a cut lemon, give it another scrub over, repeat until you are satisfied.”

Cleaning hack
After: Incredibly, the pot was left looking like new after scrubbing with just salt and lemon, Source: Facebook

Lemon is a winner for cleaning

Apart from cleaning pots and pans, lemon appears to be a very popular natural cleaning agent that really does work for cleaning everything from fridges to kettles.

“Lemon is great for a lot of things. If you have scales in the bottom of your kettle, just throw in a few slices of lemon and water and let it run. Good as new,” one person suggested.

“Same with the microwave. Cut a lemon in half and throw it in the microwave cut side facing up. I think you have it run for 1 minute,” added another.

The lingering food odors in the fridge can also be eliminated by cutting up a piece of lemon and placing it inside.

Who knew the humble little lemon could come in handy for so many kitchen cleaning hacks!?

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