The McDonald's dessert hack you never knew about

A savvy fast-food lover has offered up her hack for getting more bang for your buck when ordering dessert at McDonald's.

Sharing her hack on social media, her creative thinking not only got her the perfect sized sundae but also scored her a $3 saving.

“At Maccas I always ask for a 50 cent ice cream,” she began, before revealing that she only ever asks for it in a lid instead of in a cone.

“Then I ask for chocolate topping for an extra 50 cents. It’s the perfect size ice cream and I save myself nearly $3.00 compared to the chocolate sundae.”

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The little-known dessert hack offers up the perfect-sized dessert at a fraction of the price. Source: Getty

You can do it at Hungry Jack's too

She wasn’t the only one with a clever fast-food dessert hack. Another person had a similar trick which they used at fast food outlet, Hungry Jack's.

The woman explained that when she purchased a soft serve at her local store recently, she was asked if she wanted M&M's on it and if she preferred a cone or a cup.

“I chose the cup and scored the same amount of ice cream as a sundae except with M&M's for $1.10 or $1.20 (can’t exactly remember exactly, but one of those prices),” she wrote.

“Now I thought that was a winner!”

Hungry jacks sundaes
The handy hack works at Hungry Jacks too and you can add any toipping you like. Source: Hungry Jacks.

Hungry Jack's sundaes usually cost $4.95 for a large, while McDonald's sundaes are $3.70 for a small and $4.40 for a large.

When others questioned how big the serving was, she said she couldn’t believe the size considering the big price difference.

“It was in a cup that the small sundaes come in and literally filled to the top with ice cream. It’s ridiculous the price difference, I couldn’t believe it!” She added.

Fellow fast food lovers said they’d tried this too.

“Perfect size for a child too!!! Just ask for an ice-cream cone in a lid with whichever topping you want,” another confirmed.

Other fast-food dessert hacks

The post prompted others to share their Macca's sundae hacks too, with many saying there was a trick to getting a good saving, you just need to ask for it.

“My brother used to ask for a large cup (drink size) ice cream and paid only $2 for it,” one person shared.

Meanwhile, another said it was more about being at the right store at the right time.

Unidentified customer receiving hamburger and ice cream after order and buy it from McDonald's drive thru service, McDonald's is an American fast food restaurant chain
Customers who had tried the ice-cream lid hack said it was the perfect-sized sweet treat compared to the usual sized sundaes. Source: Getty

“We went to Macca's just to grab the kids an ice-cream cone each. Asked for it in a lid. They gave us a full small sundae instead with the toppings. Kids couldn’t believe it,” she said.

So the next time you hit up Macca's drive-thru for a sweet treat, you'll know exactly what you need to ask for.

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