Mum stuns with Bunnings cabinet upcycle: 'Looks awesome'

By thinking outside the box, one Aussie mum has created a unique bathroom vanity from a run-down cupboard using Bunnings products and a few bargain finds.

"I set myself a goal of renovating the downstairs toilet sink area as cheap as I could," Annabel shared on a Bunnings fans Facebook page.

"Cabinet I found on Facebook market for $40; The paint was leftover from painting my skirting boards and handrails; Tap $70 on Marketplace; Sink $80 on Catch and Handles $20 at Bunnings," she revealed.

The difference it made is incredible.

Before and after pictures of a makeover of a cabinet into a fresh bathroom sink using Bunnings products
One mum used marketplace finds and Bunnings products for this amazing makeover of a tired-looking cabinet. Photo: Facebook

Fellow members of the Facebook group thought so too, with the post attracting over 600 likes and 50 comments.

"Great job! So inspiring to see this transformation," one follower wrote. "This is what I want to do. I've been hunting for a cabinet like this for months now. It looks awesome."


"Beautiful job, love it," one mum said, while another wrote: "Well done, someone’s trash is always someone else’s treasure."

Inspo is everywhere

Not everyone can see the possibilities of a rundown piece of furniture, but Annabel, a mum from Victoria, not only saw its potential but executed the makeover well too.

"I got the idea from Google images of other people that had done a similar thing," Annabel told Yahoo Lifestyle.

"I sanded back that whole cabinet using an orbital sander and three different grits - 80, 120, 240 - but the slats I had to do by hand. That was the hard work, that took me 15 mins a slat!

"Then for the top and inside, I used a satin marine grade varnish and white paint, which was left over from painting my skirting boards. The draws are fake now due to the plumbing behind," she added.

Preparation is key

Interior designer Lynne Lambourne from Love Nellie says the key to upcycling furniture is preparation.

"Plan ahead and ensure you have the tools and equipment needed to do the job. Give all furniture a wipe down before you start, otherwise you could get an old cobweb stuck to your paintbrush," she told Home Beautiful. "Sometimes the excitement of getting the job done can mean we rush things."

She also highlights the importance of finishing treatments to make sure all your hard work is not in vain.

"Once you have finished your pieces, make sure you protect all your hard work with wax or varnish to give it longevity," she told Home Beautiful. "After putting so much effort into making something re-loved, give it the respect it deserves by finishing it properly."

And her final lesson? "Don't be afraid to try and get started, I always say that there are no mistakes in upcycling – only lessons learnt," she added.

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