Mum's incredible TikTok hack to remove sweat stains from clothes

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A Melbourne mum-of-two has gone viral on TikTok for sharing an incredible cleaning hack.

Chantel Mila shared her genius tip on how to get sweat stains out of white clothing, making them look brand new. Her instructions were simple, and involved a cleaning product you wouldn’t usually use in the laundry.

Image of a white shirt with sweat stains on it as the 'before' image, to demonstrate the cleaning hack. Text on it says: Before
People went wild for this cleaning hack. Photo: TikTok/mama_mila_

Showing the ‘before’ image of a dull, sweat stained white t-shirt, she then shared her secret weapon. Alongside a video of the t-shirt soaking, she wrote: “Soak in warm water and two denture tablets for half an hour.”

Her next step was to wash the item of clothing as usual, and she let her followers know why the denture tablets work so well.

“Denture tablets have whitening properties and break down stains on white clothes,” she explained.

The ‘after’ video of the white t-shirt shows it looking brand new, bright and stain free.


Image of bright, clean white t shirt after the cleaning hack had been done. Text on it says: Denture tablets have whitening properties + break down stains on white clothes
The mum shared the sparkling result. Photo: TikTok/mama_mila_

Her followers went crazy for this hack on TikTok, with one writing: “OMG I’M SHOOKETH! Can’t wait to give it a try myself.”

“How did I not know this before?” another follower asked.

“So does aspirin, throw two in there and voila,” a helpful person added.

Some of Chantel’s followers even gave their own tips on other uses for denture tablets.

“Good tip. Tablets are good in a toilet as well,” a person noted.

“Also takes coffee stains out of metal coffee tumblers,” said another.

The cleaning and organisation guru shares many videos about her cleaning hacks, and this isn’t the first time she’s used an unusual cleaning product.

Two side by side images, the first of red wine being spilt on a white fabric napkin. Second image shows shaving cream being put on the stain with a spoon. Text on both images reads: 1. Combat red wine stains with shaving cream. Leave for 15 mins + wash.
The cleaning and organisational guru has plenty of other hacks. Photo: TikTok/mama_mila_

A TikTok she shared recently showed how to get stubborn red wine stains off white clothing by using shaving cream.

“Combat read wine stains with shaving cream,” she began, as she worked the shaving cream in with a spoon.

After letting it sit for fifteen minutes and putting it through a regular wash cycle, the TikTok star revealed a stain-free, pristine item.

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