Kids have a ball with this Kmart and Bunnings party hack: 'Entertained all day'

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Having a party where the kids have a great time but are safe and contained, takes imagination... and a few products from Bunnings and Kmart.

One Aussie shared her family's clever creation on a Facebook group, to the delight of followers.

"My talented sister-in-law made a ball pit with Kmart pool noodles and balls, and PVC pipe & netting from Bunnings, for my niece's upcoming first birthday," Jakita proudly posted on the Kmart Home Decor & Hacks Australia Facebook page.

"All materials under $100 to make."

Gina's homemade ball pit made out of Bunnings and Kmart products. Photo: Supplied
Gina's homemade ball pit made out of Bunnings and Kmart products. Photo: Supplied

Fans loved the result, liking it more than 1,000 times and adding 160 comments.

"Are you thinking what I'm thinking?!! I know a little someone who would love it..." one posted.

"Would you have measurements please and thank you. I would like to make one for a birthday party for my granddaughter," another wrote.

"This would be a mad idea for the kids sis, they would love it and I'm sure uncle Lawrence would love to build it for them, LOL," a third added.

A few people were concerned about balls going everywhere, but Jakita wasn't worried.

"I guess that comes with childhood and having fun," she replied.


Jakita explained to Yahoo Lifestyle that her sister-in-law Gina came up with the idea after looking at plumbing piping leftover from home renos.

"Gina is a stay-at-home mum and her partner is a plumber," Jakita told us.

"They wanted something fun for the little ones to enjoy at a low cost.

"So they thought they'd utilise leftover material from their recent home renovation to make this affordable and awesome ball pit for the kids to enjoy and it was an absolute HIT!!!

"My niece Tahlee had a ball (pun intended) with all of her friends and family.

"It kept the kids entertained all day at the birthday party and my sister-in-law has had many requests to make some for other families who loved the idea," Jakita added.

Piping hot idea

"We came up with the idea from scratch," Gina told Yahoo Lifestyle.

"Originally we was going to use a cheap circular pool from Kmart, but decided on materials that would last longer over time and multiple use.

"We saw we had leftover piping from our home renovation, so that's when the idea came to mind on building an enclosure like this.

"It's good because it's not messy... and it's added sensory play."

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