Kmart shopper reveals 10 cent Easter decor haul: 'Wow'

It’s not uncommon for stores to mark down seasonal decor items, especially Easter or Christmas stock once the big day is all said and done.

But some Kmart shoppers have been left completely stunned after scoring leftover Easter stock for as little as just 10 cents.

While most markdown prices rarely get that low, Queensland shoppers were able to score the Kmart Easter range for next to nothing.

Sharing the absolute bargain find to the Markdown Addicts Facebook page, one woman from Brisbane couldn't believe her “great score” when she visited her local store.

"Kmart Cannon Hill, loads left when I just left," she said alongside pictures of all the bargain Easter buys.

"Easter clearance, everything $0.10 each!"

Kmart Easter items on shelves
One Kmart shopper scored big after finding Easter stock on sale for just 10 cents. Source: Facebook

Amongst the items on sale were chocolate Easter eggs, ceramic bunny mugs, large ceramic decorative Easter eggs, Easter cake decorating kits, decorative wooden "Happy Easter" signs and even the popular metal-framed "Happy Easter" signs.

The markdown is a huge saving with the Easter mugs usually ranging from $5 to $8 and the signs originally priced between $5 and $10.

'Right place at the right time'

The ecstatic shopper went on to say she was "very excited" by the bargain haul and was definitely in the right place at the right time.

"I would be super happy and grab a lot if I see 20c or 50c too, still a super great bargain at that price!" She wrote.

Kmart Easter items on shelves
While the shopper was able to score Easter items at the bargain price, others said they'd found similar stock for 20 to 50 cents at their local stores. Source: Facebook

"But 10c was really being at the right place at the right time, the bargain god heard my prayers."

Fellow Kmart fanatics could hardly believe her great bargain pick-up either.

"Must go to Kmart!" One person commented, with another adding: "wow - what a bargain!"


Fellow bargain shoppers said they too had picked up some Easter specials, but not at such a low price, calling the woman's haul an "absolute score".

"We got ours for 20c and 50c at Redbank, I was thrilled," one person commented.

"I went to get some cups and saw a lady walk out with two trolleys overflowing of Easter stuff," added another.

"Damn I thought 0.50 was a bargain!! Next time we need to hold off a couple of days," said a third.

Kmart Easter items on shelves
Even the Easter eggs were reduced to 10 cents each, with plenty of stock available in some stores. Source: Facebook

How can you score these bargains too?

If you haven't spotted the markdowns at your local store yet, you aren't the only one.

It appears the major price reduction is only available at certain stores, with prices varying between states.

So if you want to score a similar price, it all comes down to what's available at your local Kmart.

"Why can’t this be us! I’d buy all the decor stuff for next year," commented another customer who didn't have any luck scoring the markdown either.

Looks like these bargain prices are just the luck of the draw!

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