Kmart shoppers obsessed with laundry bin hack: 'Looks amazing'

It's the Kmart hack that busy people are loving right now, where home organisers are converting Kmart's $59 laundry hamper cabinet into bins to separate rubbish from recyclables.

And it's a trend that's not going away. First shared in this guise in the middle of last year (from what we've been able to sleuth) the sought-after cabinet is still being searched for by people wanting their homes to be organised and free of clutter.

Three versions of the Kmart laundry hamper hack from Facebook
Aussies' shared their laundry hamper hack on the Kmart Hacks and Decor Facebook Group. Photo: Facebook

"I don't recommend re-doing a pantry during lockdown [but] the final piece to the puzzle was the Kmart laundry hamper to be used for recycling. Thankfully it turned out just as I imagined," one shopper shared in September last year on the Kmart Hacks and Decor Facebook group.

"Looks amazing well done!!" one follower said on the post. "Wow. I need this," another added.

And in a testament to the popularity and longevity of the hack, people are still keen to try it in their own homes.

Just this week one person wrote: "Jumped on the Laundry hamper turned rubbish bins band wagon and absolutely love it. I will be adding kids safety latches today as my toddler is obsessed with opening them but yes, these are great! I have one side for cans/bottles and the other for rubbish"


"Just wanted to share another version of the Kmart laundry hamper cabinet turned bin hack," another group member shared.

Kmart laundry hamper cabinet on their website
The Kmart laundry hamper cabinet has been in hot demand. Photo: Kmart

"Built in then painted to match the rest of the kitchen, added oak box for storage of those things usually chucked on the bench, and topped off with piece of stone to match our bench tops. Thanks to my clever hubby,"

"To the lady that put the laundry hamper as a rubbish bin hack on here. Thank you soo much! It is soo much cleaner and bin is now hidden!" another poster wrote as she shared her version of the hack.

However not everyone has been able to get hold of the cabinet. "They are always out of stock. Can’t wait till they come back In. Such a great space saving idea," one commenter wrote.

"I have been trying to order 2 of these for months!!! But every time it’s out of stock!" another added.

And it's not just on Facebook that mums are sharing this ingenious idea. When Adelaide mum Arielle Bestt shared a video of the transformation of an Aldi hamper into a recycling bin in July last year, it was watched 2.2 million times!

Commenters in Europe and the US lamented about not being able to buy the same type of cabinet that cheaply where they were to try out the hack.

"I must buy this but US Aldi does not carry this:-( or does anyone have anything similar?!," one person wrote. "This is in Australia not England," another wrote adding multiple crying faces.

So keep a lookout in both Kmart and Aldi, you might get lucky!

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