Mum's epic Kmart and Target bedroom makeover goes viral

A mum's epic Kmart and Target bedroom makeover for her young son has gone viral on Facebook and been labeled 'amazing' by social media users.

Alanah Renee White shared photos in the Kmart Hacks and Decor group with the post receiving thousands of comments and reactions.

Mum surprises son with dinosaur-themed bedroom makeover
A mum's epic bedroom makeover for her three-year-old son has gone viral. Photo: Supplied

The bedroom received a huge makeover for her three-year-old's birthday featuring a large dinosaur mural and other Dino-themed decor.

Alanah wrote, "My sons new dinosaur room for his birthday. A lot of Kmart and Target."

She then shared her genius hack for painting the mural, "We painted the wall and projected a toy dinosaur onto the wall to sketch it. Also, a helpful tip when buying paint is to buy sample pots as you wont need too much of the same colour. The cost of all paint for the room was around $120 with the sample pots... Bedding is from Target."

One user commented, "I can’t even.. this looks that good!!!! I wouldn’t even know where to start... sooo amazing!"

Another added, "Fantastic! My boys would looove this!"

Mum's dinosaur themed bedroom makeover
Alanah revealed that she used a projector with some toys to get the shapes for the dinosaurs right before painting. Photo: Supplied

Someone else wrote, "I want this room as a almost 25 year old."

Many others were very impressed by the idea to use the projector to help with the outlines.

"Every little boy’s dream bedroom. Well done Momma," wrote another fan.

Speaking with Yahoo Lifestyle, Alanah revealed she was initially going to use wallpaper, but couldn't find the right style that was within budget.

"We were originally looking for wallpapers online however we couldn’t find the right design and they were too expensive for our budget. We continued to search the web for some inspiration until we came up with a design we liked."

She explained that her sister and mum helped with the painting, "My sister and mum are pretty good at drawing but we’ve never designed and painted a full room like this before."

When asked how she came up with the idea to use a projector to assist with the mural, Alanah said, "My mum actually thought of this idea! Finding the right toy to project was difficult but luckily my son has such an obsession with dinosaurs that we had plenty to choose from."

Dinosaur themed bedroom
Unsurprisingly, Alanah's son was ecstatic to see the dino-themed makeover for his birthday. Photo: Supplied

She added that the actual painting itself wasn't very difficult at all, "No, because the background/ mountains were hand drawn so we didn’t have the pressure of drawing to a template/design."

Alanah also gave her top tips in case any other parents want to have a go at something similar, "Use a pencil to draw the mountains and dinosaurs as the pencil won’t leak through the paint. Buy sample pots rather than 1L paint tins. You won’t need a lot of the one colour and you’ll save a fortune this way."

She added, "The room took us 2 full days to draw and paint it. It was probably the easiest design as the dinosaurs were painted black and we didn’t need to go into too much detail. I would recommend anyone give it a go, it’s easier than it looks!"

Unsurprisingly, Alanah's dinosaur-loving son was ecstatic when he saw the surprise, "He absolutely loved his room and has slept through the night since moving in. As soon as he walked into his room he said, 'Wow, big T-Rex!'”

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