Aldi's $1.25 'miracle cleaner' sparks confusion over crucial detail

A wildly popular Aldi spray, which has been hailed a ‘miracle worker’ for everything from dirty shoes, to oven grease, has left several shoppers baffled over a crucial detail many were unaware of.

The Aldi Di-San Pre-Wash Stain Remover may be marketed as a solution for your clothes, but a series of jaw-dropping cleaning hacks using the $1.25 product have transformed it into a cult buy of epic proportions.

Image of Aldi Di san Oxy Action pre Wash Stain Remover
A woman's dilemma with her 'oxy action' spray sparked a revelation about the product. Photo: Facebook

Now, however, it turns out plenty of cleaning enthusiasts have been doing it all wrong, with one, tiny detail many are unaware of leading plenty of shoppers to purchase the wrong product, to the detriment of their ambitious cleaning projects.

The Aldi product actually comes in two versions, almost identical save for a tiny difference.

While one product is an ‘oxy action’ the other is an ‘ultra degreaser’, with the oxy action featuring a purple label, while the ‘degreaser’ is exactly the same, with a pink label.

The Oxy Action and the Degreaser Di Sanm pre Wash Stain Removers difference hack
The Oxy Action and the Degreaser work very differently for your everyday hack. Photo: Di San

As it turns out, all the fun and thrifty hacks that have sent budget buyers wild are supposed to use the degreaser, with the oxy action mainly good for laundry and shower cleaning.

The major difference was exposed when one confused mum took to a Facebook hacks group, wondering why her Di-San spray wasn’t working on the various hacks.

“Is this the correct product everyone was talking about that removes stains from just about everything?” she asked alongside a snap of the purple bottle.

“The pink one has a degreaser in it and I find it works better on the more difficult stains,” one woman revealed.

Image of Aldi Di San Oxy Action and Degreaser next to oven before and after transformation
The comparison between the pink and purple spray has revealed a major oversight you may have been making. Photo: Facebook

Another woman shared a photo of her oven door before and after using the pink spray, revealing that the same purple version had made absolutely no difference.

“The purple did nothing yesterday, but I found the pink today and within minutes...” she wrote alongside the stark image showing an astonishing difference between the clean and dirty sides of the oven.

It turns out plenty of people made the same mistake, many taking to the comments to share that they had no idea of the difference.

“Oh wow I need the pink one,” one woman wrote.

“Omg so I need the pink,” another wrote with a ‘face-palm’ emoji.

“You need the pink one,” another clarified. “It’s hard to get.”

“The one with the pink label was better,” another agreed.

“Pink one is better I’ve tried both,” another agreed.

Looks like if your DIY cleaning hacks are not going so well, you may have been using the wrong product this whole time.

It’s not the first time an Aldi product has been hailed as a game-changer for cleaning.

Earlier this year, social media users got up in arms over a $1.50 Aldi product which was supposed to save people time when they’re preparing food.

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