Kmart's $8 shelf dividers a 'game changer' for organisation

If ever there was a time to declutter and organise it’s while being encouraged to stay at home, and now a Kmart product has got people chomping at the bit to sort out their wardrobes or linen closets.

“I’m way too excited about this,” one woman wrote in a Facebook group, posting her completed wardrobe transformation using dividers from Kmart.

kmart shelf dividers
These Kmart Shelf Dividers are causing a stir online. Photo: Kmart

She had used them to organise all her clothes along the top shelf of her wardrobe and the post quickly went viral gaining over 1.5K comments, with plenty of people agreeing the product was perfect for ‘extra storage’ and ‘organisation’.

“GAME CHANGER!” was one person’s enthusiastic response.

“Holy sh** balls what an idea,” another wrote.

“Oh my lord I neeeeeed,” was another comment.

While others said they would definitely be trying the dividers in their own wardrobes and linen cupboards.

Kmart store in Burwood in suburban Melbourne
Plenty of people are keen to head to Kmart to grab their own. Photo: Getty

The Kmart Shelf Dividers are available in a two-pack and cost just $8, online or in store.

They are adjustable to fit shelves up to 6cm thick and the best thing - no tools required.

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