Mum's 'clever' Bunnings and Target decor stuns

A creative mum has taken to decorating her studio with stunning homemade pieces, using products from stores like Bunnings and Target.

Most recently, Sue Etherington created a wall plant holder using a Bunnings door mat as well as a stunning pendant light using a Target basket, sharing the end results online in a post that quickly garnered hundreds of comments.

“Wall plant holder made from the two Bunnings mats which were $2.50 each just wrapped around each other and stitched with jute twine and made a tassle from the twine,” she wrote, sharing the photos to Facebook.

“And my pendant lights are baskets from Target, just cut off the handles and drilled a hole on the bottom.”

bunnings doormat hack flower holder
A Bunnings door mat becomes a plant holder. Photo: Supplied

The mum explained she used a picture frame hook to hang the holder on the wall, and in this particular instance the plant is a fake.

“I designed it to make it my own style for my studio,” Sue tells Yahoo Lifestyle. “I like creating decor that is more unique and cheap.”

Some people thought it looked so good they asked with it had come in a kit.

“I think you should sell them Sue,” one person suggested.

“Great idea, love it. Very cleaver,” another agreed.

“While a third said. That looks amazing!”

And her pendant light idea made from a basket received just as much praise.

Target straw basket
Sue bought these baskets from Target for $25. Photo: Supplied

“I bought these baskets from Target $25 each, removed the handles and drilled a hole through the middle for the light fitting,” Sue tells us.

And people were keen to try it themselves.

“Omg love the lamp shades idea,” was one response.

“Ohhhh I love the lights idea,” another agreed.

target basket pendant light hack
And turned them into pendant lights. Photo: Supplied

Sue, who recently went viral for creating flower pots using the same cheap Bunnings door mat, says she has loved the feedback she has been getting from people.

“I loved making them and showing other people how to do them,” she says.

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