Meghan's brutal swipe at William and Kate in Netflix series: 'Jarring'

Meghan Markle has taken a dig at Prince William and Kate Middleton while recounting the couple's ‘surprising’ reaction during their first meeting. The Suits actress explained what happened when the Prince and Princess of Wales came over for dinner on the Netflix docuseries Harry & Meghan.

The Duchess of Sussex didn’t realise that the ‘formal’ etiquette the royals portrayed in public also continues behind closed doors. Preparing for a relaxed dinner party, Meghan was wearing “ripped jeans” with bare feet — and she committed one act that wasn't well received.

Meghan and Harry in an interview for their Netflix documentary
Meghan and Harry have opened up about their time as working royals. Photo: Netflix

“I was a hugger, I’ve always been a hugger — I didn’t realise that was jarring for a lot of Brits,” she said on the show.

“I started to understand that the formality on the outside carried through on the inside, that there is a forward-facing way of being, and then you close the door and you go, ‘whew, great, okay we can relax now’ — but that formality carries over on both sides.”

“And that was surprising to me.”


Meghan revealed that she was naive during the early stages of her relationship with Prince Harry, but this meant she could ‘be herself’.

“It’s so funny if I look back at it now, because now I know so much — and I’m so glad I didn’t then. Because I could just authentically be myself without so much preparedness,” she admitted.

Kate Middleton, Prince William, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle all wearing funeral attire
The two couples reunited earlier this year after the Queen passed away. Photo: Getty

Harry’s swipe at William and Charles

Elsewhere in the highly-anticipated Netflix series, Harry made a shock comment regarding royal marriages, inferring that royals don’t always marry for love.

“I think for so many people in the family, especially men, there can be a temptation or urge to marry someone who would fit the mould as opposed to somebody who perhaps you are destined to be with,” he told the filmmakers.


The Duke of Sussex also compared himself to his late mother, Princess Diana, saying that he makes decisions in the same way as her.

“The difference between making decisions with your head or heart — my mum certainly made most of her decisions, if not all of them, from her heart — and I am my mother’s son,” he said.

a set of black and white photobooth photos of Harry and Meghan
Harry and Meghan have given fans a look into their life together. Photo: Netflix

Meghan and Harry share two children, Archie, 3, and Lilibet, 1. The pair are very hands-on with their parenting style, and some sweet family snaps were shown on the TV show.

Harry didn’t hold back when talking about his own childhood, saying the couple don’t want to make “the same mistakes that perhaps our parents made” when it comes to parenting.

The couple both come from families with divorced parents, with Meghan adding: “There is so much I think from anyone’s childhood that you bring with you into the present, especially when you are the product of divorce.”

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