MasterChef star's surprising achievement after releasing popular product

Sumeet Saigal's sauce is flying off the shelves.

MasterChef's Sumeet Saigal with her InTALIAN simmer sauce.
MasterChef's Sumeet Saigal won the opportunity to have her sauce stocked in Coles. Photos: Channel 10

While this year’s season of MasterChef Australia is still a few weeks away from crowning a champion, it’s fair to say that Sumeet Saigal is a winner regardless of whether or not she takes the title. The 46-year-old sales manager won a reward earlier this month which saw her InTALIAN Simmer Sauce, which is a unique blend of Indian and Italian flavours, being mass-produced, jarred and sold on Coles shelves across the country.

Not only was the sauce praised by the show’s judges, who called it “brilliant”, “delicious” and “comforting”, but it’s also been a huge hit with buyers. A Coles spokesperson tells Yahoo Lifestyle that the product has been flying off the shelves since its release.

“Our customers are loving Sumeet’s sauce and it’s currently our most popular simmer sauce,” they said.


Before going on the show, Sumeet revealed that it was her “ultimate food dream” to create a range of sauces with a hint of India that can be incorporated into other cuisines.

“Apart from having her sights set on the MasterChef Australia trophy, Sumeet’s goal is to simplify Indian food and show people just how versatile a cuisine it can be; to break down stereotypes around Indian food being too rich, spicy, heavy or complicated,” her bio on 10play reads.

The mother-of-two, who has earned the title of ‘Sauce Boss’ throughout the season, shared following her incredible accomplishment that the win will be something that she will cherish forever.

“To have my sauce available on the shelves of Coles is an absolute dream come true. I am so grateful to MasterChef, Network 10 and Coles for this life-changing opportunity,” she said. “Winning this challenge is a great personal victory but also a celebration of the support and encouragement I have received from my family and friends.”

MasterChef’s Rue Rupedzi and her BarbeRue sauce.
Rue Rupedzi won the same challenge as Sumeet last year and had her BarbeRue Sauce stocked in Coles. Photos: Channel 10

Sumeet is the second MasterChef contestant who has won the opportunity to have their product stocked in Coles after Rue Mupedzi, who created a smokey, sweet and spicy BBQ sauce named ‘BarbeRue sauce’.

Although she ended up leaving the competition in seventh place, she told Yahoo Lifestyle following her elimination that it felt “absolutely amazing” having one of the country’s biggest supermarkets supporting her.

“Honestly, I'm just really proud of myself for doing something that has ended up in Coles,” she said. “I have to say that's probably the proudest moment for me in the competition. That was like the cherry on top of the experience.”


Rue added that she had received “so many messages” from viewers around the world hoping to buy her product.

“I think I’ve gotten a few messages from Germany, Ireland, Scotland, some people from Morocco, some people from the Philippines, the UK. Everyone’s like, ‘We would love to try this sauce, can you tell us it’s coming to our country?’,” she detailed. “And you know what? Maybe that is something I should think about, something that could be a possibility. I don't know, but that would be an absolute dream come true.”

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