'Best twist': MAFS fans applaud Bryce's mum for takedown of son

Married At First Sight fans finally had something to applaud when it came to Bryce Ruthven and Melissa Rawson's relationship, but it wasn't for reasons you might expect.

On Monday night's episode, fans watched with glee as Bryce and Melissa enjoyed a Zoom chat with Bryce's parents and Melissa's mum and sister. Due to Covid, they were unable to have families fly to be on the show in person.

Married At First Sight's Bryce Ruthven
Married At First Sight fans were ecstatic to see Bryce Ruthven's mum slam her son for his horrible behaviour on the show. Photo: Nine

The families then dropped the bombshell that they had watched the first three commitment ceremonies, with the revelation causing Bryce and Melissa's faces to drop instantly.

Bryce's mum made it instantly clear she was unimpressed by his actions.

"We’ve been watching your commitment ceremonies each week," she said. "So, we know exactly what’s been going on."


"What have you seen?" Bryce asked her.

"Overreactions from you, Bryce," she said. "Probably a little bit concerning. It’s been lovely to watch you but I’ve been a little bit worried how you’ve reacted to some things. Overreacted to some things."

His mum also brought up the saga of the secret girlfriend that saw him explode at Rebecca, who told the dinner party Bryce had told her during a gym session that he had a secret girlfriend on the outside.

The conversation also turned to Bryce ranking Melissa fourth in the attractiveness task with the groom telling his mum, "I didn't do it to hurt her on purpose."

Bryce Ruthven's mum and dad on Married At First Sight
Fans of the show applauded Bryce's mum for her takedown of her son. Photo: Nine

"Bryce, I don’t know what possessed you to rank Melissa a four and to be so stupid to say, 'Oh well, I thought I’d be honest'," she said. "That’s just dumb. If you need to rank her, then lie. But the other thing is, I truly believe the experts have actually picked your personality. You do become defensive. You become outspoken. And they’re giving you advice and I’m thinking, 'You’re not even listening!' You need to listen."

Bryce attempted to defend himself, with his mum jumping in again, saying, "But Bryce, this is where the immaturity comes into it. Like the rooster, the chest is out and ‘I’m ready to go on the defensive.

"You’re at an age now Bryce where it’s enough is enough. You need to stop. You want to be outspoken? You’ve also got to take on board, how do you think Melissa is going to feel sitting there beside you wanting to support you and all you’re doing is really embarrassing her. In all honesty, I don’t know why she is sitting next to you at this point!"

Fans loved the moment with one user Tweeting, "The best part of the season, Bryce’s mum giving him a serving!"

Melissa Rawson on MAFS
Despite the many red flags, Melissa told her mum and sister she was happy. Photo: Nine

"Bryce getting absolutely owned by his mum is this season's best twist by far," another wrote.

"Bryce’s mum is the hero we didn’t know we needed," someone else added.

"Bryce's mum telling him off and calling him out on his garbage is probably the highlight of this week. Calling it early," another said.


Others jokingly referred to Bryce's mum as "Australian of the Year", while some said they'll be watching the scene on repeat and begged her to be an expert on the couch.

However, it doesn't appear that Bryce took any of what she said on board, telling the cameras, "To hear my mum rattle off a list of things of what she's seen of me in the experiment – it goes in one ear and out the other, because it's not the full story."

Fans loved the moment, sharing their reactions on Twitter. Photo: Twitter
Fans loved the moment, sharing their reactions on Twitter. Photo: Twitter

"I know how the situation actually played out, I didn't instigate any of this. It's happened because of other toxic people in this experiment. So, yeah, I'm fine with it," he said, appearing to have teared up a little bit.

Melissa's mum and sister added "it was hard to watch" the commitment ceremonies and see their loved one "sad".

However, Melissa told her mum and sister, "Outside of that, I couldn't be happier."

She added to the cameras it was "upsetting" her mum only saw her as upset, when that's not how she feels.

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