Former MAFS bride Connie leaks Bryce’s ‘inappropriate’ texts

Controversial Married At First Sight groom Bryce Ruthven has landed himself in more hot water after a former contestant leaked 'inappropriate' texts he'd reportedly sent her.

Connie Crayden, who was a bride on the 2020 season of the show, shared screenshots of Bryce's 'flirty' messages to her with Woman's Day.

A selfie of former Married At First Sight contestant Connie Crayden
Former MAFS bride Connie Crayden has leaked some rather ‘inappropriate’ texts from current star Bryce. Photo: Instagram/connie.crayden.

According to Connie, 28, the pair met last year when radio host Bryce, 31, reached out to her to record a radio demo together.

Connie and Bryce kept in touch via text and FaceTime and while the conversations were "quite platonic" to begin with, Connie told the publication that they soon became overly "flirtatious and sexualised".

In a series of messages that Bryce reportedly sent her in April 2020, he asked if she was 'chatting with other guys'.

When she replied no, she wasn't, he responded: "I'll selfishly say I hope you don't come across another guy".


Married At First Sight contestants Bryce Ruthven and Melissa Rawson on their wedding day
In the shocking messages, Bryce tells Connie she is 'attractive' while still engaged to his ex, Lana. Photo: Channel Nine.

'Over the line'

Later, Connie pulls him up for 'putting his toe over the line' prompting Bryce to admit that was 'probably pushing the boundaries.'

In another set of screenshots, Bryce asked Connie if she 'kisses on the first date' before complimenting her appearance.

"Not to sound rude to you... you know I think you are attractive," he said, to which she replied, "[This is] a conversation we don't need to be having."

Connie told Woman's Day that she had to continually remind Bryce of the boundaries with regard to their relationship and that she felt 'guilty' for his ex-fiancée Lana.

"I would always say to him these conversations are inappropriate," she says.

Bryce speaks out

A week before Connie leaked his messages, Bryce appeared to hose down any suggestion that the pair had been involved in the past during an interview with a Gold Coast radio station.

"Oh Connie, does she look like my type of girl?" he scoffed when quizzed about their history.

Earlier in the season, Bryce copped a lot of heat online after ranking his 'wife' Melissa Rawson fourth in a controversial attractiveness rating challenge.

He later tried to defend his actions, claiming he was "stitched up" by the producers.

And on their honeymoon, he openly admitted that Melissa 'wasn't his type,' prompting outrage from fans.

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