MAFS groom Bryce tries to defend cruel scene

Social media erupted after Tuesday night's episode of Married at First Sight, which saw the couples asked to rank each participant, as well as their own partners, based on how attracted they were to them.

And now Bryce, who copped a lot of heat online after the task, has tried to explain more of what was going on behind the scenes.

mafs couple bryce and melissa
couples asked to rank each participant, as well as their own partners, based on how attracted they were to them. Photo: Channel Nine

It's a topic of discussion that already saw cracks appear between Bryce and Melissa during their honeymoon, after admitted that she 'wasn't his type'. So some might not have been surprised that Bryce was again brutally honest to his 'wife' during this latest challenge.

For anyone who missed it, envelopes containing the headshots of all the grooms and brides were given to each contestant and they were told to rank them based on who they're most attracted to.

Bryce completed his order, placing Bec first, followed by Sam and then Booka, before having to add in wife Melissa.

“Can you not look where I put it?” he said before putting Melissa in fourth spot, even though he claimed to not like Booka's tattoos or Sam's 'fake' blond hair.

Melissa was understandably left upset again, saying "That’s a kick in the guts. I don’t even know what to say.”

mafs couple ranking bryce and melissa
Bryce placed Melissa in 4th. Photo: Channel Nine

Twitter blew up after the encounter criticising Bryce for his repeated harshness.

"Bryce is trying so hard to get a 'nice dude' edit but keeps being utterly failed by the a**hole-ness that just shines through," one person said.


"Melissa, you are well above Bryce. Don't stroke his ego, especially after he hurt you like that," another agreed.

"Bryce is ranking by cup size and shade of blonde," was another comment.

While a fourth said: "Bryce is such a w***er for putting his wife 4th. Then sitting there with that smirk on his dopey face."

On Wednesday morning Bryce tried to defend the controversial scene, claiming he was "stitched up" by the producers.

“The other thing is I was told to do it on attractiveness, but others were told to do it on personality so we were sort of told mixed things," he told B105’s Stav, Abby and Matt.

"Unfortunately they were stitching some people up and I think I was on that board."

Abby then wanted further clarification.

So Bryce reiterated: “I got told to do mine from most attractive to least attractive purely based on looks and nothing else, and other boys were told to do it on personality.

"From what they told us behind the scenes and a lot of us still talk and they’re saying ‘Bryce you got stitched up’."

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