MAFS secret girlfriend bombshell causes sparks to fly

Just when we thought this year’s Married At First Sight couldn’t get any more controversial, a secret girlfriend bombshell is set to rock the dinner party table.

A new promo for the show shows a very tense moment between Bec Zemek and Bryce Ruthven playing out on tonight’s episode.

Bryce on MAFS
Bryce looks to be at the centre of the drama on MAFS again tonight. Photo: Nine

You told me at the gym, there is a girl on the outside,” Bec is heard saying to Bryce.

“You never said that to me?”, she asks him, to which he can be seen shaking his head saying “No”.

“Liar,” Bec says.


The allegations against Bryce might not come as a shock to some fans, as last month Woman’s Day claimed Bryce was dating a woman for three or four months before he went on the show.

According to a source, Bryce told a fellow MAFS star about the woman during a “boozy dinner party”.

Bec on MAFS
Bec says Bryce told her about another girl when they were in the gym together. Photo: Nine

“He was texting her, and at one point he even FaceTimed her,” the source said.

Speaking to TV Week, Bec backed up her claims, saying: “He was seeing a girl, and his mate asked him if he wanted to get her a gift.

"He told me, in the gym, this information, along with telling me that he placed me first on the hottest/nottest little rating, as well as telling me that it would be easy enough to get to the end of the experiment with Melissa.

"I'm telling you now, he was flirting with me in the gym and he was talking down about Melissa."

James Susler on MAFS
James Susler is also caught up in the drama tonight. Photo: Nine

Tonight’s dinner party promises to be explosive, with the promo also seeing Belinda Vickers in a confrontation with James Susler.

“You’ve been talking about me behind my back. You called me a frigid,” Belinda is seen saying.

Jo Todd back her up, saying: “And you asked if she was a virgin”.

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