MAFS star drops bombshell on Tristan and Cassandra's relationship

A former Married at First Sight groom has divulged producers weren't that keen on Cass and Tristan's relationship.

A Married At First Sight star has dropped a surprising bombshell about Cassandra Allen and Tristan Black, stating that producers were eager for the pair to 'wrap up' their relationship sooner rather than later.

Ollie Skelton, who starred in last year's season of MAFS, spilled the tea on last week's episode of Behind The Edit, telling Yahoo Lifestyle that if the 'characters' on the show are good, the producers want them to stay longer.

"If the characters are bad, and the relationship is good, they're going to try and find a way to break that thing up," he said.

Delving into Cassandra and Tristan's relationship, Ollie said it was Collins Christian who divulged that producers wanted the couple gone.

Cassandra Allen and Tristan Black during the latest commitment ceremony. Photo: Nine
Cassandra Allen and Tristan Black during the latest commitment ceremony. Photo: Nine

"I've heard things with Cassandra and Tristan, from Collins, that they were told by producers to wrap it up, like break it up or whatever," Ollie shared, before backtracking slightly on the hearsay.


"I don't know that! I'm not 100% sure on that," he then clarified.

Stars expose strict rules cast must follow while the show is airing

The insight that producers may want the less entertaining couples to leave the show earlier if they're not developing a strong connection, and Ollie also shared that MAFS participants were warned about reaching out to former cast members ahead of their own season airing.

Ollie Skelton and Tahnee Cook
Ollie was partnered with Tahnee Cook on MAFS in 2023. Photo: Nine

"The MAFS higher-ups would tell you not to do that, they specifically say 'don't be friends with the ex-cast'," he said. "I specifically remember two things: don't be friends with the press and don't be friends with the ex-cast."

"I think in retrospect, they don't want anyone with experience who has done the show or reported on the show, to say 'hey don't do this' or 'hey do this'."

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