MAFS' Timothy speaks out after homestays: 'I was pissed off'

Going rogue on TikTok, Timothy has explained why his place was such a mess during his homestay with Lucinda.

Things looked to be all but over for Timothy Smith and Lucinda Light during last night's episode of Married At First Sight, with the momentum they had made over the last few weeks coming to a crashing halt during homestays.

With Lucinda visiting Timothy's home in Melbourne, she was greeted with the ultimate Bachelor pad, with the place looking like an absolute mess.

Things then went from bad to worse for the couple, as Timothy withdrew and wanted "alone time" before going out to spend time with a mate. One of his friends also revealed to Lucinda that Timothy was usually affectionate and a 'provider' in a relationship, traits he had not been showing her on their MAFS journey thus far.

Timothy and Lucinda MAFS
Things have fizzled out before they began for Timothy and Lucinda. Photo: Nine

After a picnic lunch that resulted in Timothy storming off, Lucinda realised it was the end of the road for them and called it a day, noting that she deserved more than what he had to offer.

Timothy speaks out after MAFS homestays

Now Timothy has popped up on TikTok to clear the air about some instances on the show, commenting on creator Amy Dickinson's recaps of MAFS.

MAFS stars often don't get their socials handed back to them until well after the show airs, so Timothy has appeared to go a little rogue to explain some of the things we didn't see from his homestay.


His first comment to creator Amy said, "Great recap, I was wrong" before he went on to explain some more things in the comment section.

MAFS' Timothy on TikTok
MAFS' Timothy has left some comments about homestays on TikTok. Photo:

"I hadn't been home for two months, I was so pissed off with the 20-year-old looking after my place that it just set me off," he said.

Timothy's kitchen on MAFS
Timothy's place was looking very... man cave-like. Photo: Nine

"It wasn't her [presumedly meaning Lucinda] I was done and wanted my life back. I wanted that guy out of my place, I haven't watched any more MAFS, I'm just looking forward to the end."

Timothy and Lucinda spotted at reunion filming

Yahoo Lifestyle recently obtained pictures of the pair arriving to film the show's reunion in Sydney separately, rather than together like the other remaining couples.

Timothy and Lucinda arrived separately at the reunion. Photo: Supplied
Timothy and Lucinda arrived separately at the reunion. Photo: Supplied

In a recent interview, Timothy confirmed the two were still hanging out, but didn't reveal if their relationship had turned romantic.


"I'll give you a little bit of a thing...we were out last night. It's amazing when we go to random pubs in the middle of nowhere. How many people actually love Lu. She's just one of the most amazing people I've ever met," Timothy said to Star 104.5’s Gina and Matty. "You can't help but soften and just be a better person around Lu."

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