MAFS fans left in tears over emotional Timothy and Lucinda moment: 'One of a kind'

In a moment that captured the hearts of many Australians, Timothy let down some of his walls.

Last night's episode of Married At First Sight moved some viewers to tears after an emotional moment with Timothy Smith and Lucinda Light.

Timothy's tears came after a group of the cast were hanging out at the couples retreat and Jayden Eynaud said his biggest fear was 'losing his parents'.

Lucinda realised the effect the answer had on Timothy — who has lost his dad, mother, and brother — and sat him down to see if he'd open up to her.

"I want to be there for Tim but I have to be so careful not to push him," Lucinda said in her voiceover.

"I was feeling so good and it seemed to turn to s*** so quick," Timothy told Lucinda. "Losing the family, and the biggest thing I lost was myself."

Timothy ended up walking off in tears, before sharing his thoughts in his piece-to-camera. "Everyone has an anchor, generally it's your family. Being around everybody and hearing everybody, brings it all to light... and losing yourself, you don't know who you are anymore," he said.

Timothy and Lucinda on MAFS
Timothy opens up to Lucinda. Photo: Nine


"I seem like a mouthpiece sometimes, and I try to make a joke of everything because it's the way I deal with things."

Timothy then went back to Lucinda, who greeted him with a huge hug in a tender moment not often seen on a show like MAFS.

Lucinda Light on MAFS
Lucinda comforts Timothy on MAFS. Photo: Nine

'Never in a moment of MAFS have I been moved to tears'

The emotional scene left fans of the show in tears, with many expressing how wonderful Lucinda is and how important it was to see Timothy open up.

"Lucinda is such a special human. They broke the mould when she was made," one person commented. "Never in the history of MAFS have I been moved to tears, that moment captured Australia’s hearts," someone else commented.

"Lucinda is the most amazing soul - seriously need to meet her - she calms my heart," one fan wrote.

Others are hoping that the two will make it work as a couple.


"I’ve never wanted a couple to last so much on any season," one person said. "Lucinda is a one-of-a-kind. ❤️ Tim would be the luckiest bloke if he decides to fight and keep her," another person said.

Fans also pointed out how important it was to see Timothy open up, be vulnerable, and still allow himself to be filmed.

"I think the whole of Australia wants to give Tim a hug. Definition of an absolute legend! Amazing effort Lucinda to get him there. Bravo!!," another person wrote.

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