MAFS' Tayla slams her 'edit' and says she was 'manipulated'

The Tasmanian bride has spoken out about her portrayal.

She didn’t spend the longest amount of time on this year’s season of Married At First Sight, but intruder Tayla Winter definitely made her mark on the experiment.

The 27-year-old nurse from Tasmania had quite a tumultuous relationship with her ‘husband’ Hugo Armstrong on the show, which apparently came to an end during Wednesday night’s explosive dinner party.

MAFS’ Tayla Winter at the dinner party.
MAFS’ Tayla has shared her thoughts on her ‘villain edit’. Photo: Channel Nine

After ‘quitting’ the experiment and flying home after the retreat, Tayla made a surprise appearance at the dinner party to tell Hugo she was willing to give their ‘marriage’ another try. However, Hugo suggested that they simply end their relationship and leave the show because they’re clearly not each other’s person.

Tayla has now spoken openly about her exit and revealed how she really feels about her on-screen portrayal this season.

“I’ve definitely been given the villain edit,” she told Hit100.9’s Dan & Christie. “They didn’t really have a female villain this year and I had to slide into that role a little bit.

“I don’t think it’s a true representation of myself and it’s not reflecting who I am, but it is what it is. The people who know me know me.”


Tayla, who confirmed she hasn’t spoken with Hugo since filming wrapped, went on to say that she went into the experiment “extremely naive”.

“I was taken full advantage of over there, they manipulated me quite a lot,” she said.

“Even last night, they edited my audio so much to make it sound like I wanted to stay. I never wanted to return from Tassie but I had to.”

MAFS’ Hugo and Tayla at the commitment ceremony.
Tayla says she and Hugo haven’t been in contact since the show. Photo: Channel Nine

The dinner party scene that didn’t make it to air

This comes after Daily Mail reported that there was a major scene from Wednesday night’s dinner party that was cut.

An anonymous participant told the publication that Tayla flew back from Tasmania to address the group with an emotional letter, which even caused some of her fellow participants to tear up, but it didn’t make it to air.

“Tayla barely got through the letter, she was crying her eyes out,” they said. “She didn’t tell anyone about it. She just pulled the letter from underneath her dress and began reading it out.


“It was a deeply personal letter, and it explained why she would always keep her guard up. Tayla was very raw and vulnerable… it was a side that none of the cast had seen from her.

“It was tough for everyone. The cast were in tears and ran over to comfort her.”

After she was spotted hugging Lyndall Grace’s ‘husband’ Cam Woods during the couples’ retreat, it comes as no surprise that the groom was allegedly one of her biggest supporters after her speech. The publication also reports that Alyssa Barmonde also comforted Tayla, but Hugo wasn’t interested in what she had to say.

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