MAFS EXCLUSIVE: Lyndall reveals unseen moment from family visit

The TV bride spills on what viewers didn't get to see from the lunch.

They started out as one of the strongest couples on this year’s season of Married At First Sight, but Lyndall Grace and Cameron Woods’ relationship was put to the test in Tuesday night’s episode when their parents came to visit.

During the lunch, Lyndall’s mum Kelly-Anne apologised to Cam for asking him to give Lyndall a hug the previous week, which he refused to do at the time because he didn’t want to feel pressured into giving her physical affection.

MAFS' Cameron's mum Fiona and Lyndall.
MAFS groom Cameron’s mother called Lyndall ‘insecure’ because she wanted him to hug her. Photos: Channel Nine

However, Cam’s mum Fiona brutally responded that Kelly-Anne “can’t take her words back” and told Cam in private she thought Lyndall was “insecure” and “craving attention”.

Speaking with Yahoo Lifestyle following the episode, Lyndall says it was “pretty hurtful” seeing what Fiona had to say about her on TV.

“I didn't have particularly positive thoughts about what Cam’s mum was saying in her voxies and to Cam out on the balcony, but I wasn't totally surprised,” she details. “I would have thought that maybe she would have something nice to say, but it is what it is.


“I think at the end of the day, Cam’s mum kind of gave him a reason to not try to be more affectionate and it made me feel like it was my job to just deal with it in her eyes instead of him stepping up to the plate a bit more. It was hard because I just felt like she didn't really know me very well and just kind of assumed the worst.

“It was really hard to talk to her and I don't think she ever really asked me a question about myself, so it was hard to get a gauge on whether she had anything good to say about our relationship or the situation.”

MAFS' Lyndall and Cameron.
’It was arguably our toughest day yet in the experiment.’ Photos: Channel Nine

'The straw that broke the camel's back'

Lyndall adds that it was “really disappointing” when Cameron told her what his mum had said about her because she knew how much effort she had been putting into the relationship.

“I really think that he wanted to tell me to kind of relieve a bit of weight on his shoulders,” she says. “It felt like a calculated drop of a bomb.

“I guess he felt like he needed to step up and that he needed to make changes and all of that, and so I think this was just a good reason for him to not have to do that. I think he was quite happy to have that kind of validation from his mum.”

“The straw that broke the camel's back is that I just didn't feel like I was very appreciated and it just invalidated everything that I was feeling and it wasn't a great time. It was arguably our toughest day yet in the experiment.”

MAFS' Lyndall, her mother Kelly-Anne and Cameron's dad.
Lyndall says there were plenty of moments from the lunch she wishes viewers got to see on TV. Photo: Channel Nine

'Beautiful moment'

Lyndall went on to share that there were a number of positive moments from the lunch - which went for around three hours in real life - that she’s disappointed didn’t make it to air.

“There were moments where we all got along,” she says. “I wish they showed more of Cam’s dad because he was really funny and he had some really beautiful stories that he told us. He was a very chatty guy and I really got along with him very well.

“I also wish that they showed my mum and I. We went for a little one-on-one as well at one stage and she was just really supportive. She was like, if you're in this and you want to be in this, I'm here to support you and I just want you to do what's right and I just want you to be happy.

“That was a really beautiful moment that I wish they showed, but ultimately you can't put everything in and I think the important things were there.”

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